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Roller blinds
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Kids roller blinds

The Artists Hands The Artists Hands

The Artists Hands
89.99 EUR/ m2

Connected bubbles Connected bubbles

Connected bubbles
89.99 EUR/ m2

Small birds Small birds

Small birds
89.99 EUR/ m2

Green elephant Green elephant

Green elephant
89.99 EUR/ m2

Red vehicles Red vehicles

Red vehicles
89.99 EUR/ m2

Friendsaurus Friendsaurus

89.99 EUR/ m2

Translucent leaves Translucent leaves

Translucent leaves
89.99 EUR/ m2

Purple ducks Purple ducks

Purple ducks
89.99 EUR/ m2

Help to the dinosaur Help to the dinosaur

Help to the dinosaur
89.99 EUR/ m2

Ice cream land Ice cream land

Ice cream land
89.99 EUR/ m2

Animal party Animal party

Animal party
89.99 EUR/ m2

Kitty in the forest Kitty in the forest

Kitty in the forest
89.99 EUR/ m2

Forest pink Forest pink

Forest pink
89.99 EUR/ m2

Forest green soft Forest green soft

Forest green soft
89.99 EUR/ m2

Wild Blue Beach Wild Blue Beach

Wild Blue Beach
89.99 EUR/ m2

Forest green Forest green

Forest green
89.99 EUR/ m2

Wild Africa Wild Africa

Wild Africa
89.99 EUR/ m2

Giraffe long neck Giraffe long neck

Giraffe long neck
89.99 EUR/ m2

Lets play hide and seek Lets play hide and seek

Lets play hide and seek
89.99 EUR/ m2

Winding Road Winding Road

Winding Road
89.99 EUR/ m2

Sunny oranges Sunny oranges

Sunny oranges
89.99 EUR/ m2

Welcome To Welcome To

Welcome To
89.99 EUR/ m2

Blue little houses Blue little houses

Blue little houses
89.99 EUR/ m2

Where Musician Lives Where Musician Lives

Where Musician Lives
89.99 EUR/ m2

Polar bear Polar bear

Polar bear
89.99 EUR/ m2

Sports balls Sports balls

Sports balls
89.99 EUR/ m2

Million bicycles Million bicycles

Million bicycles
89.99 EUR/ m2

My bikes My bikes

My bikes
89.99 EUR/ m2

Raindrops Raindrops

89.99 EUR/ m2

Wandering In The Desert Wandering In The Desert

Wandering In The Desert
89.99 EUR/ m2

Pink balloons Pink balloons

Pink balloons
89.99 EUR/ m2

Kids roller blinds

Here in Decoshaker you have the widest selection of children’s roller blinds for your new or in the progress of redecoration – home. If you’re expecting, or preparing to redecorate your child’s room it’s wise to plan ahead. It saves both time and energy. One of the key elements for the room is kids roller blinds.

Rollers blinds are very stylish in the terms of being adapted to the demanding fashion and style industry. Our time is consumed by work, other adult errands and we are left with less and less that could be dedicated and classified as free time to the people around you. That is the long-term key of our product. Your kids are more than important so allowing them to have a fully adapted environment in terms of room décor, is a lot bigger than just necessary. With you not having to take care of chores, cleaning curtains or maintaining other decorative options, more free time could be dispensed to your little ones. Every kid wants to fantasize, play and fool around, that is why everything should help them explore and enjoy the possibilities of the careless childhood. Do not seek to hold them back, encourage them by putting up a vertical blind with their favourite colour details or representing a liked sport and etc.


Go online, to Decoshaker, and browse through an extensive list of colorful roller blinds for your children’s bedroom. The price is always on your side and an addition of kids roller blinds to a room where your little ones sleep is a welcome and useful one, at the very least. You won’t find another website online like Decoshaker that can offer children’s bedroom roller blinds at such prices. Not only are our roller blinds safe for children, but the color and texture palettes available for children roller blinds are going to surpass even the highest expectations.

In terms of convenience, there is nothing more convenient or satisfying for parents, than the happiness of their kids. Every child is full of joy and it needs to be embraced rather than taken for granted so implement kid’s window treatments with cool and stylish printed pictures which the kids are definitely going to appreciate seeing even on the dressings or coverings of their windows. A stylish environment which they enjoy being in, makes them feel safe so they will definitely develop better and have a nicer time, just because their room is a more detailed and encouraging environment.


The home you live in can always benefit from a nice touch or car from the owner, one of the ways to show care and love is to add some accents, one of which are the vivid and colorful kids roller blinds. By adding floral roller blinds for children’s bedroom you are going to see great improvements in lighting conditions and increases in happiness and energy. Custom made roller blinds for your children’s rooms are a necessary upgrade for you and an essential helping hand to the quest of raising your children right, because it helps them sleep, adds privacy along with many other positive features.


When you are picking patterned or printed blinds for the kids, remember that kids should know and feel its perks and features. How easy it is to use, because it fits so easily, and how effortlessly you are able to manipulate their position. For no extra cost, our clients can select custom measurements for any product to better accommodate any kid’s room and their look. The size of any product found in the section ‘kids vertical blinds’ can be manipulated and adjusted to become a perfect window covering, safe and simple to use. All of our designs are fully customizable so anyone can be happy with their selections right after purchase and in the long run.


Do not forget: You can always upload your own picture and create blinds design yourself. DIY blinds are what makes windows look unique most! Make your own blinds by uploading the picture here: DIY roller blinds and send it to us. 



Choose your favorite custom made kids roller blinds and improve the room!

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