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Pinky Pig vertical blinds

Price 129.99 EUR/m2

Select and customise

Product Details

Shipping info:   8-12 working days

We accept payment:  PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro

Material options:    
- 100% textile fabric louvres
- Aluminium headrail
- Complete with white top hangers, bottom weights and stabilizing chain
- Easy fit brackets, choose from top or face fitting
- Louvres can stack to either side
- Plastic control bracket
- Fabric can be both rotated or drawn with precision chain & cord operation
- Maximum width 300 cm (118 inch) height 300 cm (118 inch)
- Minimum width 70cm (28 inch) height 100 cm (39 inch)

How to Measure & Instal: Click here


All review

Ordered wall murals. Excellent experience and even better product. Happy to have it on my walls.
The staff answered all my questions and assured that I took the right measurements for the blinds. Thank you! Will buy again.
Absolutely stunning. Love the shades and material. It arrived in a bit more than one week.


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Pinky Pig

Why use window blinds?

Many things make your home more beautiful; a beautiful window blind is one of them.

Most modern homeowners are utilizing the beautiful works of arts to decorate their windows. These artworks can be placed in the living room, bedroom or even in the kitchen.

Beautiful artworks like Pinky Pig vertical blinds are uniquely made by top artists. Apart from the fact that vertical blinds come in variable colors, textures, shades, and sizes, these artworks can be customized in such a way that will suit your needs. There is no better place you can get this type online than Decoshaker.

Decoshaker is the online store for the best and high-quality works of arts. There are many benefits you can derive when you place these artworks on your door or window.

They are protective against excessive heat by limiting the amount of Ray of light reaching your room; they can also function as heat absorbent during winter thus making your room warmer and thereby save you some cash on heating as in the case of Pinky Pig vertical blinds.

Using beautiful artworks on your window as vertical blinds also brighten up the room in the case of a blackout.

A piece of art on your window is not only appealing to the eyes, but it also does a lot of good to your mental strength — the creativity and intuition of the artist help to inspire you to become better.

Blinds to buy at Decoshaker

To get one, you need to contact Decoshaker; then you can choose the artwork of your vertical blinds or upload your picture. Decoshaker offers you plenty of designs to select from, from animals to mountain and maps. There is no limit to what you can get from us.

Head over to Decoshaker today and enjoy unique design vertical and roller blinds at reasonable price.

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