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Sometimes choosing the right wall murals for your home or office decoration can be hard since there are many options available. If you select right it can make your room appear much bigger and taller than it actually is. It can even create the illusion of spaciousness. Your home mood and visual appearance depends on the color and wall patterns you select. If you are bored with white and bare walls the best choice is to make them lively by giving the right wall decor – wall photography, which visually increases space size perception. 

Lacking creativity or new ideas? If you need help choosing the right material and well matching mural keep reading this article to make your home look exclusive. 

Wide range of mural designs allows users to express their creativity and individuality. By offering good quality non woven coated murals, images, colors and objects we are expecting you to pick the best wall illustrations or patterns. Varying from such styles like architecture, artwork, black & white to many others: colorful, kids, etc. With all of these original and constantly renewable options of unique wall murals made by professional designers you can easily establish any design for any room you like.


It is now possible to trick your eyes easily by creating the deceptive view of much more visually spacious room by choosing wall murals made of soft pastel colors, stripes or nature landscapes. Beginning with the pastel wall murals, it is worth knowing that gentle and bright colors, affects our feelings, emotions and it also creates optical illusion of much spacious room. While pastel colors expand the space, dark color murals does the reverse effect. If you want to make a room look optical bigger, remember do not choose black photo murals that brings the wall closer, thus making the room appear smaller. Secondly, there is another way to create the illusion of height and space to your smaller rooms - choosing horizontal or vertical striped wall murals. The effect that vertical and horizontal striped wall murals provide with actually differs. A wall decorated with vertical stripes can create the illusion on height and it makes ceilings appear higher than they really are, while horizontal stripes makes a room appear more spacious and wider.  Last but not least, if you are nature lover, and you are not satisfied with the size of your rooms the best solution is to apply Landscape & Nature wall murals. Good quality, eye- catching, photo-realistic and unique views of nature will expand your home space .It is worth mentioning that illustrations which goes through entire wall gives incredibly good results. It transforms your space. To sum up, walls high and width shouldn’t be a barrier anymore, while all these mentioned options can be used to create spaciousness at your home.


One more important consideration is choosing appropriate wall mural for the different types of rooms. For instance, for your kitchen design you will surely find some matching murals in our photo gallery FOOD. Just make sure, you picked the right size and the right colors. If you are considering decorating a smaller kitchen, just choose a lighter mural with less intricate details. Some advices for creating your children’s room would be to pay attention to make it light, youthful and colorful. It is very important to create a place, where your children will enjoy staying. Various wall murals including cartoon characters, cute animals and various ornaments will certainly make your kid room look awesome. You can find such magical and vivacious murals at our KIDS gallery. 

However, if you are dreaming of having more personal design, you can always create your own wall mural! All you need is to upload high quality image that reveals your taste and personality. We will turn every photo to unique wall mural. No matter what, it would be your precious family moments, lovely pet portraits or your favorite travel memories. By the way, do not forget that not only walls design matters, when creating something unique and special in your any of your rooms. High-quality flooring, lighting and of course furniture as well as details also plays a very important part. If you lack of ideas what floors to choose, visit Naturfloor. If you are looking for affordable and modern furniture, do not wait and visit most popular home interior blogs for any ideas or tips. Good luck!

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