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Custom vertical blinds

Ever think about adding a personal touch to your home? You can find a lot of ideas online on how you can make grand projects for your home with custom made props, decors and interior details. But all of these are quite hard to do and Decoshaker has an easier option with more flexibility and variation – custom length, color, texture, and in every way custom vertical blinds.

When we talk about custom window treatments, an important thing to outline right from the beginning is that they are not just regular accessories you can order online, these make your interior better, a lot better by implementing and bringing in some fresh air into your current environment. Even though you can easily order picture printed custom window treatments online, the quality of our décor matches any highline salon or studio, so homeowners should stop and wonder, what are the downsides? And we can give you an honest answer: there are none. Easy to maintain, cheap to get and wonderfully simple to use – custom vertical blinds are not only practical but also stylish and fun.


Order a product specially design to fit in your home. Our tool of cropping and adjusting the scale of any design is simple to use and very effective for those who know exactly how much material they need. Custom window coverings are truly custom when every feature of the product becomes adjustable and free to manipulate. Make mini blinds or huge and staggering coverings with only a few clicks so it’s not only cheap but also very simple.

For the best price online, you can find and buy custom size vertical blinds for your windows. People underestimate the value of windows in their homes. Whether they are huge living room windows or a small, periscope sized glass in the attic, you can make custom made vertical blinds all by yourself. Choose a photograph you dearly love or a measure dimensions that you want the fabric vertical blinds to occupy and contact our team to get all of the necessary information about how to and how much it is going to cost to make your custom vertical blinds.


The price you pay is small, compared to the effect that your specially made decorations will have on your mood, work performance and quality of life. These custom made vertical blinds are available in more sections than just for windows. You can also have them made for sliding glass doors. These doors require care and you will appreciate the boosted privacy and comfort with the addition of custom sized vertical blinds that will fit your sliding glass doors perfectly and will blend in with the interior very well. With regards to small or large custom vertical blinds, Decoshaker has lots of products to offer and experiences to share. Our customers praise the product and service quality of our company and we can share some of the solutions we gave to their particular situations and how we solved their problems to help you with yours.


Since the product is custom measured and custom made, colours should be chosen accordingly. If you have a favourite colour, change the current design for a new one with a tone or touch of your favorite green, blue or purple etc. to truly fully customize the experience. Whether the coverings you decide to get are mini blinds for smaller windows or big and massive custom made treatments for larger glass doors and such, colour is an important factor distinguishing an important and background piece of furniture. If you seek to accentuate the windows, go ahead and pick a rambunctious and lively colour combination, yet if the goal is to have a calm and steady interior or keep a theme going, pick a compatible or more neutral colour which blends in without being shouty and demanding for attention.

No matter if you are looking for custom made vertical blinds for your kitchen windows or for sliding glass doors, we will find a perfect product for you at an appropriate price. Just contact us and we will help you with all of your questions about custom vertical blinds!


Do not forget: You can always upload your own picture and create blinds design yourself. DIY blinds are what makes windows look unique most! Make your own blinds by uploading the picture here: DIY vertical blinds and send it to us. 

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