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Roller blinds
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Patterned roller blinds

Peach storks Peach storks

Peach storks
89.99 EUR/ m2

Purple flowers Purple flowers

Purple flowers
89.99 EUR/ m2

Red squares Red squares

Red squares
89.99 EUR/ m2

Blue fruit wave Blue fruit wave

Blue fruit wave
89.99 EUR/ m2

Gray lines stroke Gray lines stroke

Gray lines stroke
89.99 EUR/ m2

Barcode Barcode

89.99 EUR/ m2

Pastel Rhombus Pastel Rhombus

Pastel Rhombus
89.99 EUR/ m2

Yellow stripes weaving Yellow stripes weaving

Yellow stripes weaving
89.99 EUR/ m2

Geometric Geometric

89.99 EUR/ m2

Plus & Plus Plus & Plus

Plus & Plus
89.99 EUR/ m2

Chalk and Food Chalk and Food

Chalk and Food
89.99 EUR/ m2

Summer honey Summer honey

Summer honey
89.99 EUR/ m2

Pink toys I Pink toys I

Pink toys I
89.99 EUR/ m2

Red stripes weaving Red stripes weaving

Red stripes weaving
89.99 EUR/ m2

Triangular Triangular

89.99 EUR/ m2

Angled clouds Angled clouds

Angled clouds
89.99 EUR/ m2

Violet manor carpet Violet manor carpet

Violet manor carpet
89.99 EUR/ m2

Yellow autumn Yellow autumn

Yellow autumn
89.99 EUR/ m2

Grey manor carpet Grey manor carpet

Grey manor carpet
89.99 EUR/ m2

Mint Mint

89.99 EUR/ m2

Oval manor carpet Oval manor carpet

Oval manor carpet
89.99 EUR/ m2

Retro dark Retro dark

Retro dark
89.99 EUR/ m2

White Feathers White Feathers

White Feathers
89.99 EUR/ m2

Green leafs Green leafs

Green leafs
89.99 EUR/ m2

Lines mix Lines mix

Lines mix
89.99 EUR/ m2

Ferns lines Ferns lines

Ferns lines
89.99 EUR/ m2

Orange & green circles Orange & green circles

Orange & green circles
89.99 EUR/ m2

Orange & white tapes Orange & white tapes

Orange & white tapes
89.99 EUR/ m2

3D donuts 3D donuts

3D donuts
89.99 EUR/ m2

Mosaic Mosaic

89.99 EUR/ m2

Bitternut Bitternut

89.99 EUR/ m2

Patterned roller blinds

Patterned roller blinds is the new way to go for your interior. Forget curtains or other methods of décor, the roller blind option should become gradually more popular over the years and tendencies show that more and more online stores are leaning towards selling roller blinds with patterns on them rather than focusing on outdated things like curtains. They are a lot easier to maintain and look after than curtains so buying them not only costs less, but in terms of design, aesthetics and pure looks – it is a more complete landslide victory for the roller blinds.

In addition, the design catalogue is constantly updated so our customers are only offered the freshest and most stylish products available today. Made from high-quality fabrics and utilizing the latest technologies, patterned roller blinds should take your interior to the next level for a very small price.


Talking about convenience, price and choice of fabric have to be mentioned first. The option to purchase patterned roller blinds for the kitchen, living room, bathroom or any place for that matter is a great investment because it has very little long-run maintenance costs. In terms of fabrics, Decoshaker only sells products made from top notch products that ensure longevity and quality in all designs and roller blinds. In addition, everything is available online so anyone can purchase without taking a step outside their home.


Speaking about colours, variety is the most important factor here. With tones of green, red or orange being available, it is only natural that these options are accompanied with shades of custom made lime green, grey or other funky colours and patterns which go well on pattern roller blinds in the kitchen or other place of interest. All blinds can provide a total blackout if needed, so any homeowner can enjoy basic privacy and comforts of everyday life.

Every client is free to choose the colour he or she prefers, but we recommend looking at certain patterns, following trends or getting familiar with colour wheels which indicate those colours that blend well with one another. Maybe you will find a good combination of orange and green, red and white or mix grey with a funky accent. Nobody knows and that is why we love this sphere and our product, because anyone can find what they need and adapt it to their environment in the highest possible fashion.


Size adjustments and variations are very important since pattern roller blinds in the UK have a tendency to be standardized and homeowners with oddly shaped or unusual windows have a hard time trying to find affordable solutions to decorate the windows in their UK homes. On Decoshaker that is rather simple. All you have to do is measure the glass panel, door(s), window(s) or other places which you seek to decorate and select an appropriate measurement on our system once you pick out the perfect grey or funky blackout blinds for kitchen(s) or other rooms.

Custom made patterned roller blinds are no exception and all of our customers can expect the same amount of detail and passion going in to their project as if it was any other category. Patterned and custom measured orders require extra care and we are more than able and willing to carry out unusual orders because it is not really that hard for us, but extremely convenient for you!


Do not forget: You can always upload your own picture and create blinds design yourself. DIY blinds are what makes windows look unique most! Make your own blinds by uploading the picture here: DIY roller blinds and send it to us. 


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