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Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms & conditions carefully before using (‘Website’).

By using and shopping on our Website, you agree to accept the terms and conditions described below.
As the terms and conditions may be updated from time to time (for example to reflect changes in technology,
our business model, our system’s capabilities or relevant laws and regulatory requirements), we recommend
that you check this page regularly to take notice of any changes we may have made in the terms and conditions.
We can only accept offers that are made through our Website. We cannot accept orders made by e-mail, letters or fax.



1.1. Decoshaker [com] website (hereinafter - Website) is a website where interior finish and decoration elements are sold (hereinafter - Goods). The Website‘s Terms of Use (hereinafter - Conditions) are intended to define the Website visitors‘ and / or registered users‘ rights and responsibilities when using Website.

1.2. Website is owned by Ideo LT, legal entity code 302513549, registered address – Laisvės pr. 125

, LT-06118 Vilnius, e-mail address – [] (hereafter – Website‘s manager).

1.3. Website‘s visitors are people who visit the Website and have the right to make one order of Goods per each visit to the Website (hereinafter - Visitors), whereas the website's registered users are the people who have completed the website‘s registration form supplying the Website‘s manager with their personal data. They have the right to take an advantage of using their user name to complete multiple orders, to upload design or an image onto the Website (hereinafter – Registered Users).


2.1. Visitors and registered users have the right to make individual orders of Goods, or search for different Goods using Website‘s ordering tool. An individual order shall be considered an order when the visitor or registered user provides an image or design for the manufacturing of the goods or provides specific Product‘s measurements.

2.2. Goods are not considered ordered until the Visitor or Registered user pays for the Goods in virtual cart and until the Website‘s Manager does not send a confirmation e-mail that the ordered Goods started to be processed.

2.3. Website‘s Manager has the right not to initiate the production of Goods, if the photographs or designs displayed of individual good orders violate or do not comply with moral or ethical norms of the Republic of Lithuania laws.

2.4. The confirmation e-mail of the initiation of the start of production of Goods is also considered the purchase-sale agreement according to which the Website‘s manager is responsible for selling the goods to Visitors / Registered Users whereas Visitors / Registered Users are responsible for paying for them in accordance with the conditions outlined in this document.

2.5. Registered users and visitors have the right to pay for the goods by making a bank transfer online / via PayPal, or any other acceptable means of payment for both – the Website‘s Manager and visitor / registered user. In any case, the Website‘s manager accounts for all the necessary measures to ensure the safe payment of the goods.


 3.1. Website‘s manager is committed to producing and supplying the goods and handing them over to UPS delivery service. The goods are delivered via UPS service meeting standard delivery deadlines.

3.2. UPS delivery service is responsible for the delivery of goods. Product deliveries are subject to the UPS delivery rules, but in any case the Website‘s manager is not responsible for damaged packaging and therefore affected quality of the goods during transportation or for their late delivery. The website‘s manager is not responsible for delivery service company‘s fault. If delivered package or goods are damaged the Buyer should not accept the goods. If the goods are not delivered on time, the person who ordered goods has to immediately notify the Website‘s Manager who will provide all the available information on the place of delivery.

3.3. The price excludes any import taxes and/or customs duties applicable in your country, which remain the responsibility of the Buyer.


 4.1. The website contains text and graphic information which is protected by the Republic of Lithuania by copyright and related rights law. Copying, printing or other reproduction and distribution of this information on the Website without the prior written consent of the owner is strictly prohibited. It is also prohibited to place links leading to this Website on other sites without the prior written consent of the Website‘s manager. This information can only be used for personal purposes without Manager‘s consent, complying with conditions outlined in the Republic of Lithuania on Copyright and Related Rights Act.

4.2. A visitor or a registered user who bought goods with unique photographs or designs, which are stored in the Lithuanian Copyright and Related Rights Act, may use the goods exclusively for personal use only and have no rights over the product design and / or photographs, and has no right to use them for commercial purposes. For clarity, it has to be noted that Visitor or Registered user purchases only goods and not proprietary or non-proprietary rights related to the product design or the use of photographs.

4.3. Registered user does not have the right to place designs or photographs, which do not comply with the moral or ethical standards; which potentially could insult a variety of different social groups; would encourage any form of ethnic or racial hatred; would infringe any third party intellectual property rights; would advertise third party products; would be of pornographic nature; would not comply with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, etc. A registered user who violates the provisions of this Article his or her user‘s account shall be immediately canceled all such registered user‘s uploaded designs or photographs shall be removed from the website and if registered user wished to make claims / disputes and require compensation for the losses such Registered user shall do so at own expense and cost.


 5.1. Visitors and Registered users have the right to return the goods within 14 days of receipt of the goods in the case when it turns out that the goods do not meet a visitor or a registered user requirements for their order, namely:

- Visitor or registered user received delivery of a different order;

- The delivered goods were not produced not according to visitor‘s or registered user‘s guidelines and requirements;

- Goods are faulty and it is Website manager's fault.

5.2. If the goods are returned for reasons specified in the preceding paragraph, the Website‘s Manager, to cover the cost of returning the goods.

5.3. All goods produced according to individual reservations are non-refundable and other goods remain unchanged.

5.4. Website‘s manager has no liability or obligation to compensate damage in case the using of the goods damaged visitors‘ or registered users‘ house walls, windows or any other items.

5.5. In case the goods are damaged during the process of transportation to visitor or register user, visitor or registered user has the right to require the service provider which transported the goods, ie, UPS delivery service, to compensate for damages.


 6.1. Website‘s Registered users who register on the Website provide data that are to be considered as personal data by the Republic of Lithuania Law on the protection of personal data by providing the data mentioned Registered users agree that their personal data is processed exclusively complying with the laws of Republic of Lithuania.

6.2. By submitting personal data Registered user accepts that personal data will processed on the Website for the vendor performance analysis, direct marketing, decent service provision and billing purposes.

6.3. Website‘s manager is entitled to collect and process personal data submitted by the Registered User and, if necessary, to disclose it to the third parties wherever and whenever it is necessary for execution of the order, as well as Website Manager‘s performance planning and analysis purposes. Also, Website‘s manager has the right to use the registered user's personal data for advertising and information distribution to the purchaser purposes within Website Manager‘s operating range. Registered user‘s data can be used for sending information or other Website‘s or website manager‘s activities after receiving the consent of the registered user only.

6.4. By agreeing that registered user's personal data provided during registration would be handled for goods sales in the e-shop managed by the Website‘s manager purpose. Registered user also agrees that the registered user specified email, postal address and telephone number could be used to send informative announcements wich are required to fully process the order.

6.5. Registered user has the following rights:

6.5.1. to access their data and check how it is being handled and demand to correct it if personal data is incorrect, inaccurate;

6.5.2. to object to his personal data being used for direct marketing purposes;

6.5.3. to prohibit the personal data collection and processing at any time, except when it is necessary for claims arising from the contract of sale, fulfilment or order fulfilment;

6.5.4. to require rectification, destruction of personal data or suspend the processing of personal data, to refuse that registered user‘s data being used for direct marketing purposes.

6.6. In case Registered user expresses disagreement for the data to be processed, Website‘s manager immediately and free of charge stops the processing of personal data.

6.7. The registered users‘ data on the website is protected against loss, unauthorized use and modification of data. Data storage devices are fully protected against third party access.


 7.1. Cookies are used on the website, ie small files that are downloaded to the visitors‘ and registered users‘ devices while visiting the Website. With the help of cookies the Website recognizes Visitor‘s registered user‘s tools used during the previous visit.

7.2. The cookies are used on the website and the information collected with the help of cookies is managed by the Website Manager, ie Ideo LT UAB, legal entity code 302513549, registered address Laisvės pr. 125

, LT-06118 Vilnius, e. mail address: [].

7.3. On the Website cookies are used and sent to the visitors‘ or registered users‘ devices only if the visitor or registered user expresses consent for the use of cookies.

7.4. With the help of cookies the following data is collected:

- Data on the registered user‘s or visitor's visits to the Website, i.e. the date and time of the visits;

- Details of the registered user‘s or visitor's behavior during the visit to the website, ie, goods viewed, fields in the registration form filled or the fields of an individual order and other data relating to the registered users' behavior on the Website.

7.5. Cookies on registered user‘s or visitor's device are implemented with the objective to provide the register user or visitor with individual orders, according to his/her habits registered during the visit to the Website, as well as facilitate the use of the Website automatically completing the required fields, collect Website usage statistics, achieve any other goals in relation to a registered user‘s or Visitor‘s experience using the Website, improvements.

7.6. Cookies‘ collected data will not be used for any other purposes.

7.7. Visitors and Registered Users have the right to cancel the consent to the use of cookies at any time, informing Website Manager at the above e-mail address or changing the settings in your browser. Cookie settings for review and processing can be found at:

- Firefox

- Chrome

- Internet Explorer 8-10

7.8. Visitor‘s or registered user‘s consent to the use of cookies is valid for one year after the last visit to the website.


 8.1. Website is dedicated exclusively to registered users‘ and visitors‘ personal use. Website Visitors or Registered users do not have the right to modify, copy, distribute, or otherwise use the Website‘s content. Visitors and Registered Users do not have the right to use the website for commercial purposes.

8.2. Visitors and Registered users will be personally liable for the use of the Website. If it turns out that the Visitor or Registered user use the Website or any web content item of the Rules or in any unlawful activity, a person will immediately limit access to the Website and the Visitor or register user will legal consequences under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

8.3. Website‘s manager is not responsible for other websites whose links are placed in the Website‘s content.


 9.1. These rules are set in accordance with the Republic of Lithuania legislation. Lithuanian laws are applied for the agreements between the Website‘s manager and Website‘s visitors / registered users.

9.2. These rules can be changed unilaterally by the Website Manager. If a visitor or a Registered user does not agree with the changes of rules‘ or conditions‘, visitor or Registered User has to immediately stop using the Website.

9.3. Additions or modifications of the rules shall be effective from the date they are published, ie from the date when they are stored on the Website.

9.4. If Visitor or Registered user continues using the Website‘s services after modifyinng, supplementing or replacing the rules, it is assumed that the Visitor or Registered user accepts the changes made.

9.5. All disputes arising related to the implementation of these Regulations shall be resolved by negotiation. Failing to reach an agreement, the settlement of disputes should be resolved complying with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.


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