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Animal wall murals

There is the lion, King of the Jungle, majestic howling wolves, cute squirrels and many more amazing animals that are worthy of being on your own walls. For people who want to feel like they are in the jungle or feel like they own a zoo. Choose jungle themed animal wall murals to give your interior a wild touch and make it a lot more interesting and lively. Most homeowners complain about the lack of inspiration in their interiors. It tends to get boring over time and people need something new in their interior. Every animal design is accompanied by an appropriate set of colours to match the designs for these animal wall murals. Woodland creatures are going to see one theme of colours and tones prosper over the other while realistic designs of farm animals and farm views should be depicted in a completely different manner to ensure a wide spectre of designs each suited and adapted to each individual’s needs. Let’s not forget about the usually colourful and lively wall decorations used to decorate the interiors for nurseries.


Wall murals with animals with character can transpire your personal feelings and wishes onto your interior in the shape of jungle animal wall murals. Decoshaker recommends DIY wallpapers or murals with animals for your home. Choose a leopard, fox or any other animals with character for wall murals. What is more, our collection is made only from the top-tier materials, the designs are unique and creative so anyone can find animal wallpapers or murals for their liking.


Animal wall décor is always a good choice because animals tend to brighten our mood and work especially well on children. That is why we see a lot of these designs adapted for nurseries around the world and being purchased by them very frequently. However, to say that these decorations are strictly for children would be wrongful because you also have realistic depictions of farm animals, charismatic artistic twists on the creatures dwelling in woodlands and etc. If you love an exotic animal that lives in the Amazon forest or a more common creature – it does not matter because you will find all of them here.

Browse different collections and decal categories, to find more and more beautiful and well-thought out designs with other features. But we recommend animal wall murals as one of our most unique and colorful collections.


With regards to the size of the animal wall murals – it can be anything you like and need. If you have a wall which has measurements far-off the industry standard there is nothing to worry about because you can easily adjust the needed height and/or width of the product on our website. Every product is fully customizable and scaled to an appropriate size by the customer him or herself.

Find a design with animals that you like and fully adjust the length, width of it to meet the needs for a room, space, place or the entire building quite possibly. For us it does not matter whether the room is a gargantuan play haven for kids or a small, compact place to chill and relax for your co-workers. Just pick the measurements with a click of a mouse and that’s it, you can calmly await the arrival of new wall décor.

Choose different, choose animal wall murals from Decoshaker!

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