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Kitchen wall murals

Eating is a necessity, but enjoying is an art. In our gallery of wall murals FOOD, there are lots of different styles - and all at affordable prices. Check examples of food-themed wall murals online and make your house sweeter. Let's cook and enjoy!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and who wants to eat or make food in a miserable kitchen. It needs to form a productive and energetic field around it and one way to improve these qualities is to add large wall decals for kitchen. Also known as kitchen wall murals, these wall coverings are more of an art form rather than a decoration or an interior filler. By going online you might come across a lot of ideas for the interior decoration, but there is nothing quite like an artistic set of wall murals highlighting the beauty of your kitchen. Once you start making food or cleaning, there’s more energy required than you get from a radio or other sources, the environment has to be on-par also. For a fair price you can get amazing wall decals that are going to not only be perfect for kitchen, but also improve your psychological state while in it. Most people who cook and make food, especially moms, know how repetitive and dreary the kitchen can become. Spending there hours a day, making food and waiting can take a lot away from you, so having a nice and artistic set of kitchen wall murals that you found online on decoshaker really doesn’t hurt.

What is more that they come at a great price and you would blame yourself if this opportunity remained untaken and the kitchen shall remain without any custom wall decals. Our creative team provides the selection with new designs very often and we can gladly state that the community chips in a great deal too. By sending over their designs they help us understand what do people want and we can stay ahead of the competition and offer the best solutions for your kitchen regarding any and each sort of wall decals.


A kitchen always represents the homeowners. Since you must spend time in the kitchen because food is a must-have, why not turn a kitchen into a must-visit destination? If it’s modern, unique or has a new retro/vintage styled design, you will enjoy your time in the kitchen a lot more. The look of the walls, along with the view your entire kitchen possesses, makes your time in the room a lot more pleasant.

Now we know that kitchen is definitely not the first place you think when comfort in home is in question. But that only means that changes and betterment in the kitchen will be most appreciated and very well received. Don’t just believe that a kitchen has to look grey and feel grim, take matters into your own hands and switch things up!


The variety of available designs will blow your mind. From country themed rustic looks to black and white patterns, Decoshaker is home to modern and retro designs alike. What’s more, colours can be chosen by your own liking, not just by following catalogue, because you can upload your own design and create a truly wonderful and unique experience for you and anyone else visiting the kitchen.

Wall murals, wall decals or modern wallpaper for kitchen walls, choose between them to find and implement a solution which you like and would enjoy as a long-time companion in the room where the true magic happens – the kitchen.


What concerns the size or dimensions should not worry you because our customers can simply select a red, grey, patterned, checkered or any other design for their walls. Play with colours to create an enlarging or space reducing effect for your home. For example red wall murals will definitely accentuate the space and make it more expressive while more tender colours should diminish gross spaces between furniture and make a space cosier, even if there are large gaps and areas unfilled.

Choose your favorite kitchen wall murals and make this room special!

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