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Vertical blinds
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Baby vertical blinds

Otomi folk III Otomi folk III

Otomi folk III
129.99 EUR/ m2

Pinky Pig Pinky Pig

Pinky Pig
129.99 EUR/ m2

Baby ducks pattern Baby ducks pattern

Baby ducks pattern
129.99 EUR/ m2

Small elephants Small elephants

Small elephants
129.99 EUR/ m2

Polar bear Polar bear

Polar bear
129.99 EUR/ m2

In space In space

In space
129.99 EUR/ m2

Strawberry Strawberry

129.99 EUR/ m2

Colourful doodles Colourful doodles

Colourful doodles
129.99 EUR/ m2

Playful whale Playful whale

Playful whale
129.99 EUR/ m2

Sleepy beauty Sleepy beauty

Sleepy beauty
129.99 EUR/ m2

Flying butterflies Flying butterflies

Flying butterflies
129.99 EUR/ m2

Space Journey Space Journey

Space Journey
129.99 EUR/ m2

Boogie baby Boogie baby

Boogie baby
129.99 EUR/ m2

Country folk II Country folk II

Country folk II
129.99 EUR/ m2

Lime - mint diamonds Lime - mint diamonds

Lime - mint diamonds
129.99 EUR/ m2

Small vehicles Small vehicles

Small vehicles
129.99 EUR/ m2

Friendly animals Friendly animals

Friendly animals
129.99 EUR/ m2

Pink pink Pink pink

Pink pink
129.99 EUR/ m2

Purple ducks Purple ducks

Purple ducks
129.99 EUR/ m2

Help to the dinosaur Help to the dinosaur

Help to the dinosaur
129.99 EUR/ m2

Animal party Animal party

Animal party
129.99 EUR/ m2

Kitty in the forest Kitty in the forest

Kitty in the forest
129.99 EUR/ m2

Forest pink Forest pink

Forest pink
129.99 EUR/ m2

Forest green soft Forest green soft

Forest green soft
129.99 EUR/ m2

Forest green Forest green

Forest green
129.99 EUR/ m2

Giraffe long neck Giraffe long neck

Giraffe long neck
129.99 EUR/ m2

Magic clouds Magic clouds

Magic clouds
129.99 EUR/ m2

Lets play hide and seek Lets play hide and seek

Lets play hide and seek
129.99 EUR/ m2

Cat in a bag Cat in a bag

Cat in a bag
129.99 EUR/ m2

Confetti Triangle Confetti Triangle

Confetti Triangle
129.99 EUR/ m2

Colourful birdies Colourful birdies

Colourful birdies
129.99 EUR/ m2

Baby vertical blinds


Young parents raising a baby are very concerned with his or hers comfort. They are ready to everything to make sure that their child is happy and safe. Decoshaker can offer their help with an extensive selection of baby vertical blinds for the baby’s room that are of very good quality. You can find many good and even great ideas online that you can successfully live out through the help of Decoshaker, of course do it all at an appropriate price. Baby vertical blinds designed for the kid are very positive, colorful and attention attracting so your baby feels calm, interested and happy.


The colorful vertical blinds are also baby proof. Baby proof meaning that these vertical blinds cannot be harmful or harm the baby. It can’t hurt the child and you can feel safe if the baby’s bed is near the vertical blinds. Use the power of online connections to gather ideas about what your children might like to see in their rooms. The most popular colours for baby rooms and their vertical blinds are blue and pink for boy’s and girl’s rooms respectively. But you can also carry out and live out other decorating ideas which involve other colour schemes and textures. There is an abundance of possibilities and roads to go on, you just have to make a decision which satisfies you and allows your children to enjoy their environs even more.


Children bedroom blinds in this category are befittingly designed for the baby in your household. They will not make your baby bored or mad, he or she will definitely enjoy the selection you make from this category. In baby vertical blinds you can select from a lot of options. All of our custom made designs can be adjusted in terms of size to fit on your windows and accommodate your rooms in the best possible fashion. Other factors engulfing convenience include their longevity and ability to withstand daily usage for extensive periods of time. Made from durable and qualitative materials, baby roller blinds act as custom made safe window treatments for your youngest ones.


Far from many companies will offer you to adjust the size of your own baby vertical blinds, let alone allow you to do it at such a detail, Decoshaker does. You can pick literally any design from our catalogue and adjust its measurements and scale it to fit the needs of your interior and etc. This fully turns the blinds into safe custom window treatments which will not harm your baby and provide a shelter for his and/or hers being.

Do not forget: You can always upload your own picture and create blinds design yourself. DIY blinds are what makes windows look unique most! Make your own blinds by uploading the picture here: DIY vertical blinds and send it to us. 

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