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Vertical blinds
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Floral vertical blinds

Wild forest III Wild forest III

Wild forest III
129.99 EUR/ m2

Birds in the garden Birds in the garden

Birds in the garden
129.99 EUR/ m2

Emerald flowers Emerald flowers

Emerald flowers
129.99 EUR/ m2

Pink Forest Pink Forest

Pink Forest
129.99 EUR/ m2

White Feathers White Feathers

White Feathers
129.99 EUR/ m2

Ferns lines Ferns lines

Ferns lines
129.99 EUR/ m2

Yellow Wall Flowers Yellow Wall Flowers

Yellow Wall Flowers
129.99 EUR/ m2

Little leafs Little leafs

Little leafs
129.99 EUR/ m2

Flying butterflies Flying butterflies

Flying butterflies
129.99 EUR/ m2

Crazy Ocean Crazy Ocean

Crazy Ocean
129.99 EUR/ m2

Green bird garden II Green bird garden II

Green bird garden II
129.99 EUR/ m2

Calm leafs Calm leafs

Calm leafs
129.99 EUR/ m2

Leafs in darkness Leafs in darkness

Leafs in darkness
129.99 EUR/ m2

Green Pinnate Leafs Green Pinnate Leafs

Green Pinnate Leafs
129.99 EUR/ m2

Grey flowers stems Grey flowers stems

Grey flowers stems
129.99 EUR/ m2

Flower rings Flower rings

Flower rings
129.99 EUR/ m2

Hello autumn Hello autumn

Hello autumn
129.99 EUR/ m2

Jungle Jungle

129.99 EUR/ m2

Translucent leaves Translucent leaves

Translucent leaves
129.99 EUR/ m2

Sky from ferns Sky from ferns

Sky from ferns
129.99 EUR/ m2

Kitty in the forest Kitty in the forest

Kitty in the forest
129.99 EUR/ m2

Forest pink Forest pink

Forest pink
129.99 EUR/ m2

Forest green soft Forest green soft

Forest green soft
129.99 EUR/ m2

Forest green Forest green

Forest green
129.99 EUR/ m2

Jungles leaves Jungles leaves

Jungles leaves
129.99 EUR/ m2

Autumn leaves III Autumn leaves III

Autumn leaves III
129.99 EUR/ m2

White Wall White Wall

White Wall
129.99 EUR/ m2

Lights Lights

129.99 EUR/ m2

Springtime Springtime

129.99 EUR/ m2

Forest at sunset II Forest at sunset II

Forest at sunset II
129.99 EUR/ m2

Golden leafs Golden leafs

Golden leafs
129.99 EUR/ m2

Floral vertical blinds

For those who love flowers, we have something special to offer. The name of the game is floral vertical blinds, and what it is, is actually regular and reliable vertical blinds with flowers or floral designs. Everyone associate flowers with spring, summer and the end of harsh colds of winter or slush and mud of fall. They rejuvenate us, fill our bodies with energy and happiness. With flowers, a huge collection and palette of colours is expected. At your disposal – thousands of different tones, shades, colours and textures. Choose the one you like, customize, crop and marvel at the greatness of nature’s pretty little beauties.


Now you can get that feeling by simply looking at your windows. Choose vertical floral blinds to improve the way your home looks and also how you, personally feel every day for the better. Studies have shown that design features with flowers have a positive effect on our mood and productivity. Modernity comes down to the material of choice and the functionality of the product. The two traits blend together to create a wide array of positive features which encourage purchasing these products. If the fabric is nice to touch, easy to maintain and pleasant to look at, than any place in your home can become just that much better and it will be enough to make your day.


One of the best things about printed floral blinds is that they possess a versatile package of adaptability which allows them to fully blend in the kitchen, living room, bathroom or any other place. What is more to say about vertical floral pattern blinds is that they are not just a gimmick for a nice look, they are also very functional and helpful. Say, you want to block out the sun or nosy neighbors are peeking through the window. Simply shut down the floral vertical blinds and your privacy is safe and you have a nice flower to look at. Everything you see here in floral vertical blinds on our online store is available at great prices. Do not forget, you can always make your own vertical blinds online!


Size adjustments can be done in a few seconds as you can easily adjust the measurements and dimensions of any custom made accessories found in the floral blinds category and it will match the areas needed to cover in your home. Just measure the width and height of the window and highlight an area which represents the same sized (dimensions will be displayed) area on your screen. Take a look around and inspire yourself with fresh decorating ideas and find the perfect set of decorations for the home.


Do not forget: You can always upload your own picture and create blinds design yourself. DIY blinds are what makes windows look unique most! Make your own blinds by uploading the picture here: DIY vertical blinds and send it to us. 

Choose different, choose custom made floral vertical blinds from Decoshaker online!

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