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World map wall murals

What is the one thing that can majestically grasp your attention without doing anything? You might not think about it, but there is something about maps in general, that attracts attention. Whether it’s the draw towards our home planet or simply something else, is up for debate, what isn’t however, it’s the greatness of colorful and large world map wall decals. Lots of homes have vintage or modern interpretation of world map wall murals. Whether it’s a colorful sticker or large wallpapers, adding a map themed wall in your home is definitely a home run. You can sit around and wonder where would you like to travel, and how things may be in different place all around the world.


Vintage stickers are a great accent in a living room or a bedroom. They add that little something which can’t be described in words very thoroughly, but people certainly feel the effect of world map wall decals in their everyday life. They can draw you away from every day worries and make your day a lot better. Our customers are raving about their selections of world map wall decals and world map wall murals with unprecedented positive reviews. A lot of ideas come together to ensure that Decoshaker is the best place online for interior decoration shopping. Our prices are affordable and you can get beautiful and very well made designs for a lesser price than you’d get from most interior designers. Travellers of the world and those who marvel at the sights of globes, maps and etc. can truly be happy even when online shopping for these decorations. They display all types of sceneries, blend tons of colours and create a vibe which is unparalleled in its sensitivity and emotion.


People who bought stickers or larger world map wall decals praise their quality and the sense that you can really see the entire world on your wall just by using a bit of imagination. If you see any designs that you like or if you’re having trouble finding designs that would suit your home, contact us! We will help you find the best designs in the entire market. Even better, we can help you make custom designs of your desired stickers. Browse different collections and categories, to find more and more beautiful and well-thought out designs in other categories.

Imagine what it felt like for the first great explorers in the 15th century to find Americas, circumnavigate the world and how it feels now for alpinists to reach mountain peaks, cross deserts or see some spectacular breath-taking views. The emotions are irreplaceable and the moment can stay with you for a lifetime and an abundance of these kinds of moments can make you feel dull or stuck in a rut. Get a piece of such moments by getting these wall decorations.


Our clients have the full array of tools and options to express their ideas and turn them into décor. Decoshaker has a tool to allow customers a full customizability of World map wall mural sizing that means you are in full control. The homeowner can play around with colours, themes, templates and etc. most important feature of the lot being measurements. Since a lot of households struggle because they might have a different wall which needs covering (non-standard measurements, small and very odd shaped wall, corner and etc.) and thus have to compromise and pick designs that are unfit to be in that position or look for expensive alternatives. Due to this lack of variables, homes see a shortage of creativity on display with wall décor sometimes being out of proportions, stretched or boxed to fit and accommodate a wall with non-industry standard walls.

Choose different, choose world map wall murals from Decoshaker!

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