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Large roller blinds


For the folks who love going big, Decoshaker can provide the necessary tools to keep the theme of large or give you something affectionate to like. Introducing large vertical blinds for those homes which have large windows or for the owners who want bigger blinds. Our online store can help you find the best, most-attractive and unique designed blinds for windows in your home. Larger blinds means larger area of protection from the strong summer sun or the nosy neighbors trying to find out why are you so happy now. It’s all probably because you bought large vertical blinds from Decoshaker.


For giant and larger than life, we have a solution called extra large vertical blinds which can cover even larger windows from the previously mentioned threats. These bedroom, kitchen or living room blinds are meant for large patio windows or glass doors. Whatever measurements you might need for your home, we will be able to arrange the required amounts of blinds for windows.


Larger window coverage does not necessarily mean larger prices. Our collection is very affordable and anyone who has large windows can allow themselves to have the luxury of large vertical blinds in their homes. The same applies to extra large vertical blinds. Choose from the many available designs. If you can’t design which one is going to blend in with your interior best, do not hesitate to contact us and we will surely help you out and give professional tips and advice!


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