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Vertical blinds
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Kids vertical blinds

Day out III Day out III

Day out III
129.99 EUR/ m2

Otomi folk III Otomi folk III

Otomi folk III
129.99 EUR/ m2

Sin-02 Sin-02

129.99 EUR/ m2

Pinky Pig Pinky Pig

Pinky Pig
129.99 EUR/ m2

Baby ducks pattern Baby ducks pattern

Baby ducks pattern
129.99 EUR/ m2

Black polka dot Black polka dot

Black polka dot
129.99 EUR/ m2

Small elephants Small elephants

Small elephants
129.99 EUR/ m2

My Street My Street

My Street
129.99 EUR/ m2

Polar bear Polar bear

Polar bear
129.99 EUR/ m2

In space In space

In space
129.99 EUR/ m2

Strawberry Strawberry

129.99 EUR/ m2

Sportsmen Sportsmen

129.99 EUR/ m2

Colourful doodles Colourful doodles

Colourful doodles
129.99 EUR/ m2

Playful whale Playful whale

Playful whale
129.99 EUR/ m2

Hey, Friends! Hey, Friends!

Hey, Friends!
129.99 EUR/ m2

Outdoor sports Outdoor sports

Outdoor sports
129.99 EUR/ m2

Little leafs Little leafs

Little leafs
129.99 EUR/ m2

Sleepy beauty Sleepy beauty

Sleepy beauty
129.99 EUR/ m2

Green night plants Green night plants

Green night plants
129.99 EUR/ m2

Flying butterflies Flying butterflies

Flying butterflies
129.99 EUR/ m2

Space Journey Space Journey

Space Journey
129.99 EUR/ m2

Boogie baby Boogie baby

Boogie baby
129.99 EUR/ m2

Country folk II Country folk II

Country folk II
129.99 EUR/ m2

Lime - mint diamonds Lime - mint diamonds

Lime - mint diamonds
129.99 EUR/ m2

Island of Friendsaurus Island of Friendsaurus

Island of Friendsaurus
129.99 EUR/ m2

Rugby blue Rugby blue

Rugby blue
129.99 EUR/ m2

Small vehicles Small vehicles

Small vehicles
129.99 EUR/ m2

Friendly animals Friendly animals

Friendly animals
129.99 EUR/ m2

Pink pink Pink pink

Pink pink
129.99 EUR/ m2

Translucent leaves Translucent leaves

Translucent leaves
129.99 EUR/ m2

Purple ducks Purple ducks

Purple ducks
129.99 EUR/ m2

Kids vertical blinds

In terms of convenience, there is nothing more convenient or satisfying for parents, than the happiness of their kids. Every child is full of joy and it needs to be embraced rather than taken for granted so implement bedroom blinds with cool and colourful printed pictures which the kids are definitely going to appreciate in their rooms. A stylish environment which they enjoy being in, makes them feel safe so they will definitely develop better and have a nicer time growing up, just because their room is a more detailed and encouraging environment.


There is no better feeling than looking at your little child running around and seeing him or her laugh and smile. It all starts in the kid’s bed, where he or she sleeps. You can help your child smile even more with better colorful window treatments such as kids vertical blinds. Sometimes things happen when children are so little that they cannot sit or look away and sun starts to shine right in their faces. That’s why their rooms are planned not in the spots for such accidents, but it can happen. We recommend preventing possibilities for such accidents with a set of kids vertical blinds for the children’s room.

Vertical blinds are very modern in the terms of being adapted to the ever-speeding life. We get less and less time to maintain things and take care of them, so reducing care times for things and dedicating free time to the people around you is the key of our product. Your kids are more than important so allowing them to have a fully adapted environment in terms of room décor, is a lot bigger than just necessary. Every kid wants to fantasize, play and fool around, that is why everything should help them explore and enjoy the possibilities of the careless childhood. Do not seek to hold them back, encourage them by putting up a vertical blind with their favourite colour details or representing a liked sport and etc.


They can also be playful, with pictures of animals or cartoon characters to make the kids smile. Children’s vertical blinds differ from regular ones with more functionality and privacy features. Check for ideas online or better yet – contact our team for suggestions or tips on blinds for children’s rooms. It is of the utmost importance that you find children oriented window blinds online at an appropriate price. Imagine the moment when you pick up your child and gently raise the custom made decorative window treatments that you put in the room of the child. Kids vertical blinds for the children’s room is a great investment for any parent looking to make their children happy.


When you are picking patterned bedroom blinds or looking at a different type of window covering, remember that kids should know its perks and features. How easy it is to use, because it fits so easily and is easy to manipulate. For no extra cost, our clients can select custom measurements for any product to better accommodate their homes and how they look. The size of any product found in the section ‘kids roller blinds’ can be manipulated and adjusted to become a perfect window covering, safe and simple to use.


Do not forget: You can always upload your own picture and create blinds design yourself. DIY blinds are what makes windows look unique most! Make your own blinds by uploading the picture here: DIY vertical blinds and send it to us. 

Choose different, choose custom made kids vertical blinds from Decoshaker!

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