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Customized blinds with pictures

Personalize your space with customized blinds featuring captivating images. Customized blinds offer a unique touch to your windows. Express your style and create a visual masterpiece with our image-adorned blinds. Elevate your décor effortlessly

Blinds with images on them

Life is like a moving picture and just as the saying goes, life itself follows us with beautiful moments that can be immortalized with the help of pictures. In the past, talented painters spent hours, days or even months and years to finish painting a picture, but now anyone and everyone can memorize a moment which is dear or precious to them with simple or even vintage photo roller blinds.

A modern way to go is selecting customized blinds with pictures and turning them into a photo collage set of roller blinds. Expect great things from yourself and you will get great results. If you want to fully customize your experience, hop in our catalogue and select the designs + crop or adjust the scaling for a better end product which is fun to look at and easy to maintain. Most modern window treatments should not require intensive care like old curtains do. You can easily clean blinds with images on them every once in a while without having to worry about allergies or things of that nature.

Customized blinds with pictures convenience

You can browse previously made designs which were created by people who wanted to put their pictures on roller blinds or designers which have set a certain standard to customized blinds with pictures. Thanks to the recent improvements in technology, Decoshaker has embraced the achievements and can offer blinds with images on them for affordable prices. Photographs are one of the purest and truest forms of art because they display real life and most of the time images show what brushes and paintings simply cannot transfer. There is a sometimes indescribable sense of purity with photo prints and these designs can be more than just pieces of décor, they can show true emotions and make the people watching feel or wonder.

But looking at it from a basic perspective, these patterns that the photos create on your walls are truly unique and very pleasant to look at. Photographs are real things and you avoid those stylistic interpretations and/or drawings which sometimes are not very fun to look at, depending on your subjective opinion.

Customized blinds with pictures colours

Our collections are filled with colourful, patterned and variously styled customized blinds with pictures. If you have a certain moment in picture that you wish to put on display in your home – contact us! You can simply select the design and upload the picture to our site and see a pre-rendered mock-up of home photo roller blinds with your picture on the design. You can adjust the scale and position of the picture to create a perfect set of roller blinds with pictures for your home.

There is nothing more precious than sentimental memories and/or things which have something to do with your personal life and provide the feeling of nostalgia. By taking a moment out of your life and putting it on a picture which will become a blinds with images on them is a great investment for those looking to improve their home, interior and way of living. Decoshaker offers endless possibilities with custom made photo roller blinds because you can put anything on the accessory to warm your heart or home. Also we offer custom photo blinds category with more products.

If you love your car or the view from atop the Empire State Building, lakeside of Titicaca or you just happened to take a magnificent photo of a penguin in a zoo, whatever is the frame that you like and fell in love with – the best way is to not let the photo be forgotten, immortalize it by making beautiful photo roller blinds right here in Decoshaker.

Customized blinds with pictures size

Size is an important feature and its adjustment should be a crucial criteria when choosing window coverings online. Take into account the abundance of features in terms of size adjustment, a certain service provider offers. Decoshaker allows you to fully scale, change and switch the dimensions of your product for the sake of the interior. We want you to be happy with your custom made purchase that is why our model revolves around letting the customer truly be able to make a custom set of blinds, sized just for his windows, doors or other glass objects. Contact us!

If your looking from different perspective, we can offer you custom window blinds with pictures. Vertical blinds could be bigger by width than rollers. So if you have a big one window, we offer to check blinds.


Do not forget: You can always upload your own picture and create blinds design yourself. DIY blinds are what makes windows look unique most! Make your own blinds by uploading the picture here: DIY roller blinds and send it to us. 


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