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Office vertical blinds

Vertical office blinds are an integral detail of office interiors, primarily functioning as a light distribution device. It is one of the main window covering methods used worldwide. The office blinds that we offer in our online store can be easily adapted to windows of any size, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution. When choosing blinds, we suggest paying attention to the dominant colors in the interior of the room, allowing you to create an impressive visual. If chosen correctly, blinds can become the main accent of the space. Therefore, they not only serve a protective function but also become an integral part of the interior design.

Offices are the places where we do the most work. We depend on the time we spend in the office to be productive, efficient and positive in its essence to provide not only financially, but also not to drain us completely emotionally. To create a better condition for working you need to have the proper infrastructure and make appropriate decisions. One of these decisions is personalized vertical office window blinds. These accompany the business-style look of a regular office, but we also have plenty of office vertical blinds which are colorful, lively and are more suited for open-plan offices or more modern interpretations of the common workstation. Thanks to Decoshaker, offices now have solutions for office windows online. We have worked with a lot of smaller and large offices to provide them with necessary comfort providers and sun-blockers with office blinds. They can be easily closed for the night when no one is around or just as easily opened when the earliest bird enters the place.


We have the largest collection of vertical office blinds at cheap prices. Why are vertical blinds superior to regular curtains or window coverings?

  • Cheaper maintenance
  • Functionality
  • More design choices

With curtains you are extremely limited to your options, besides, having them somewhere else than a fortune telling salon is quite outdated. Photo vertical blinds for your office windows are an amazing choice and solution to comfort related issues and basic necessities in the office. Your regular window treatment solutions aren’t up to the challenge like office vertical blinds. 

To add even more convenience, you can have a top secret meeting to plan a colleague’s birthday or use these blinds according to their most efficient designation – block out the sun which could be shining right into your face during a very important part of the job. What is more, every and each design can be customized and you can even make your own ideas into window treatments or coverings without stepping a single foot outside your home, office or home-office.



The main purpose of blinds is to protect against direct sunlight. This is particularly relevant in offices where projectors or televisions are used during presentations. Let's not forget about computers, which are indispensable in our workdays. If you allow sunlight to shine directly onto your screens, not only can it harm your eyes, but it can also damage your device. In addition to sun protection, office blinds also provide excellent privacy protection against unwanted prying eyes during dark hours, thus preserving your privacy. On our website, you will find a variety of different designs of blinds that can be perfectly adapted to your home. We offer the possibility to order blinds with individual measurements and with your choice of design, tailored to your company's mood or representative colors.


Vertical office blinds are equally sized strips mounted on a horizontal rail. This type of blinds is one of the most modern and cost-effective solutions for regulating daylight in a closed space. The large selection of colors and patterns of these blinds allows them to become the main accent of the office or workspace, especially when it comes to dull work areas lacking color and shape. In our online store, you will find various options for office blinds sorted by the theme of the displayed photos - flowers, nature motifs, black and white, or blinds with various colored patterns. The wide range of images, colors, and patterns will allow you to find exactly what you need and choose blinds that are suitable for your workspace. However, if you still cannot find the right option, we offer blinds with custom designs.

It is worth mentioning that vertical office blinds can be used not only to cover windows but also to help separate spaces. This is an extremely practical solution if you work in a large space and need to create a private corner for work.


Installing vertical office blinds becomes an easy task when you have all the necessary tools. Therefore, by ordering our office blinds, you will receive all the necessary parts to properly install them. You won't need to look for any additional screws or bolts. The installation of office blinds is a straightforward task. Just measuring and drilling the holes correctly is enough for you to enjoy smooth and effortless use. These types of blinds are mounted on rails, so the operation is very easy. With the help of the chain, you can adjust the angle or simply move the blinds to the desired position.


We asked our customers what was the most surprising thing they found out after installing office vertical blinds. They all mentioned three things: outstanding quality for the price, wonderful practical values, and improved comfort. We suggest this option if you are working high above the ground and the sun can bother you and disrupt the process of creation or be doing something. Vertical blinds allow control. You can decide on whether you want a lot of sun or do you want to stay private and not allow nosy passerby’s to look inside. That is what office vertical blinds provide – luxury to decide upon your comfort and productivity.

In terms of standing out, you will surely do just that. How many home offices are decorated with printed or patterned and extremely good-looking blinds made out of high-quality and supremely pleasant fabrics? Not a lot, even high budget organisations are usually lacking the time and effort in this department so offices have that generic white, grey and brown look which ruins the reputation for the regular office, making it unappealing for creative people and steering them away since childhood. Custom made decors in this category can help you embrace the generic look (if you wish to do so) or stand out with amazing and unique creativity that drives you forward each and every day.


Endless possibilities to customize and adjust – this is what Decoshaker is all about. When you want a fine and custom made window treatments for your office and have a significant amount of ideas, the next step is to curb those ideas into reality. That is easy to do with our design and adjustment tool which allows you to scale, crop and select sizes for the product you are interested in. Only a few clicks are what separates you between true freedom in creativity and total satisfaction in designing. Even if you are not oriented towards visual fidelity and never seemed to enjoy these sort of things, the costs (which are visible) will surely brighten your day.


In this online store, you can easily and quickly order the office blinds you want, you just need to know the exact measurements and the type of blinds you want. You can not only easily and quickly order them, but you can also safely make payments. The entire payment process is carried out online using the "Paypal" payment platform or by bank transfer. Security and confidentiality are guaranteed.


In our online store, you will find a large assortment of different designs of vertical office blinds. Even the most demanding people will find a suitable solution here. The variety of patterns and colors allows you to match blinds to a wide range of workspaces interiors. Flower motifs, natural landscapes, or just black and white - you will find the whole range of different designs with us. If you didn't find a suitable option in our warehouse, don't worry, we will make them with your custom design. Don't hesitate to order blinds in our online store and enjoy a new, high-quality, and long-lasting solution.

Do not forget: You can always upload your own picture and create blinds design yourself. DIY blinds are what makes windows look unique most! Make your own blinds by uploading the picture here: DIY vertical blinds and send it to us. 

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