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Baby wall murals

Raising a baby is a beautiful experience and parenthood is a journey like no-other. Your baby girl or baby boy should have his or her own room with beautifully designed and placed wall decals to brighten their day. We all know that babies are extremely affected by sub-conscious messages and outside emotions so the environment they grow in – their room has to be upbeat and encouraging. Your baby deserves a room that they’ll be happy to grow and experience new things in. So consider wall murals as an addition to your baby’s future as it is the most precious gift in your life. No expenses should be spared and no stones should be left unturned as your baby can develop their imagination by looking at artistic and beautiful girl and boy baby wall murals.


Wall decals for babies are especially lively and joyful to let them feel playful and happy during every time of day. Going online and browsing through the available options for your baby’s room, you will most certainly come across decoshaker and our wonderful collection of decals for baby room walls. You can view their descriptions, high resolution renditions and always contact our professional and willing to help team for any questions, enquiries or any other related matters. Wall murals for babies are the newest trend, because nowadays it isn’t enough to hang a toy above their bed, they need to learn assuming that the world is a big and wonderful place with lots of things to do in it. Modern and progressive way of life takes over our day to day routines. With less and less time available to our children we can see that they need an environment where they can feel safe while sleeping/napping. Parents need to have a quiet moment too, while the kid is on his daily nap. For example we have seen tremendous success with forest or jungle themed wall murals for baby’s rooms. These sceneries have shown an effect on the mood and sleeping habits of little kids and improve them.


So how about a childish wall mural to spice things up and let them play while they can. Or a colorful, yet charming boy or girl baby wall mural to help your baby sleep easier at night. Whatever the case, you make the decisions as a parent and your responsibility is to see that the baby has everything he or she needs. So give your baby love and care with an addition to their environment. Most parents think that what kids need to develop are toys and school. That could not be farther from the truth as kids are mostly impacted by the environment they are in not by the tools they have or rooms they are in. Robinson Crusoe built a boat while being on an uninhabited island, your kid can get a same level of creativity by just having a décor encouraging him to get ideas. If a baby grows in to see something creative or relaxing, he will take those traits with him or herself to get the best in the future. Your choice of colour matters, don’t pick dull or unappealing interiors, choose something lively, creative and very stimulating.


Our thorough market research showed time and time again that one of the largest complaints expressed by customers is the lack of availability to order a specific sized set of baby wall murals and/or other wall décor. They are usually sold in square meters and you cannot influence the retailer or wholesaler to meet your needs. Our view on this is very different and by simply measuring out your wall (let’s say it comes out at 251 cm height and 379 cm width, just for the sake of this example), you can order an appropriately measured set of baby wall murals which are going to fit perfectly down to each and every millimetre.

Get ideas for your walls by looking at the catalogue and inspiring yourselves by the hundreds and thousands of designs available through the many categories. Maybe the one you are looking for is very close?

Choose your favorite baby wall murals and make his or her room special!

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