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Wall murals
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Small wall murals

Wild forest I Wild forest I

Wild forest I
35.99 EUR/ m2

Gray Lines Gray Lines

Gray Lines
35.99 EUR/ m2

Pinnate leaves Pinnate leaves

Pinnate leaves
35.99 EUR/ m2

Dinosaurs Dinosaurs

35.99 EUR/ m2

Botanical Garden Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden
35.99 EUR/ m2

Purple flowers Purple flowers

Purple flowers
35.99 EUR/ m2

Emerald flowers Emerald flowers

Emerald flowers
35.99 EUR/ m2

Meadow Meadow

35.99 EUR/ m2

Red squares Red squares

Red squares
35.99 EUR/ m2

Starfall Starfall

35.99 EUR/ m2

Shark Shark

35.99 EUR/ m2

Purple triangles Purple triangles

Purple triangles
35.99 EUR/ m2

Spring Swans Spring Swans

Spring Swans
35.99 EUR/ m2

Red lines Red lines

Red lines
35.99 EUR/ m2

Scatter leaves Scatter leaves

Scatter leaves
35.99 EUR/ m2

Blu Too Blu Too

Blu Too
35.99 EUR/ m2

 DYE on the glass DYE on the glass

DYE on the glass
35.99 EUR/ m2

Triangle Confetti Triangle Confetti

Triangle Confetti
35.99 EUR/ m2

Purple meadow Purple meadow

Purple meadow
35.99 EUR/ m2

Colorful Street Colorful Street

Colorful Street
35.99 EUR/ m2

Brick Brick

35.99 EUR/ m2

Rocket Launch Rocket Launch

Rocket Launch
35.99 EUR/ m2

Yellow stripes weaving Yellow stripes weaving

Yellow stripes weaving
35.99 EUR/ m2

Spring honey Spring honey

Spring honey
35.99 EUR/ m2


35.99 EUR/ m2

Barcode Black Barcode Black

Barcode Black
35.99 EUR/ m2


35.99 EUR/ m2

Summer honey Summer honey

Summer honey
35.99 EUR/ m2

Untitled-03 Untitled-03

35.99 EUR/ m2

Golden Kitchen Items Golden Kitchen Items

Golden Kitchen Items
35.99 EUR/ m2

Pink leaves Pink leaves

Pink leaves
35.99 EUR/ m2

Small wall murals

If you have a need to cover a small wall or freshen up a little space in your home, choose Decoshaker’s small wall murals which are specifically designed for those areas which do not take up so much room. Our online samll wall decals store can help you find the best, most-attractive and unique designed wall murals that will look great in your home. Small solutions are harder to find because of the exquisite delicacy required to manufacture and design them. After you purchase small wall murals from Decoshaker, your interior will surely get a second breath.


Small murals wallpaper can cover those areas which are hard to cover properly without making a terrible mistake in design aesthetics. Lots of homeowners opt for the most random wallpapers which ruins a certain pattern of size and scale in their home. Whatever measurements you might need for your small wallpaper murals, we will be able to arrange the required amounts of blinds for windows. Our collection of stickers is very affordable and anyone who has smaller walls which need accommodating can allow themselves to have the luxury of small wall murals in their homes. Choose from the many available designs. If you can’t design which one is going to blend in with your interior best, do not hesitate to contact us and we will surely help you out and give professional tips and advice! If you have any questions about any of our products, feel free to contact Decoshaker with enquiries or questions. Do not forget - you can always create your own wall murals online. 


With small walls and small decorations, colour choice is key. Since the walls are small, prices are going to follow by scale and you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a nice design for your home or other space. Get decorating ideas by looking and visualising things in your head, use a colour circle and talk with friends or us to get tips, opinions or facts about colour combinations. We believe that most small decorations happen within the kitchen because it has a lot of large scale furniture and might leave some small rather inconvenient spaces uncovered, take care of it with stylish small wall decorations.


A relaxing stroll at the beach that should come to mind when you look at a small tropical themed wall decoration. Measure the walls and get an appropriately sized product to suit your needs. Don’t look to compromise by overpaying and ordering more just because the retailer or wholesaler is too lazy to cut out an appropriate portion of the material. Do it right and pay just as much as necessary in order to cover the small area. Fit the place you need with a decoration of an appropriate scale that you need.

Choose different, choose small wall murals from Decoshaker!

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