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Photo vertical blinds

Looking for a modern and cool way to better your windows and the whole interior? Have you considered vertical blinds with images? You can browse this section to see all kinds of products and pictures of decorative vertical blinds, right here on our website. Why choose painting photo vertical blinds? Because they are impeccably designed and made using only the highest-quality materials. You can choose vertical blinds with pre-designed images pictures or have your own photo images put on the vertical blinds to create a unique look that will never be imitated.

These vertical blinds have a lot to offer even after a long time of their purchase. Since they are manufactured with state-of-the-art technology and high class materials, the product does not break and stands well against the test of time. It’s resistant, stylish and modern at the same time, embracing the qualities which allow it to possess long-term value and being a great spectacle for the homeowners and guests alike.

Also we offering you to check same desings for roller blinds. Prefectly fitted photo blinds for windows.


If you cannot find the design that suits your interior or taste, you should not be discouraged because we offer the possibility to have a custom set of personalized photo vertical blinds made from your custom photo. However, you should be able to find something for your liking from the pictures of vertical blinds scenary available in our website. All decorating ideas come close to reality in this section. Magical moments, captured with a camera are turned into décor masterpieces with colour, spirit and other features which are crucial and important in the design and decoration world. Find a product which you like and get it at an affordable price which is very appropriate and fair. You are getting a deal of your lifetime by taking a product with an idea, made from high-quality, strong and tested materials and turning them into a piece of your home.  Also we recommend to check our printed vertical blinds desings, with special pattern and more collors. 


Enough with the regular monotonous interiors and bland colors. Be brave and move along with progress by getting rid of dust accumulators curtains and install vertical blinds with photos. These specific sets of accessories improve the quality of being in the house, because photo vertical blinds with images or pictures not just add a personalization effect, but also are functional to use and block out the sun or nosy neighbors from disrupting your privacy. If you have any questions regarding your photo being transferred onto home or office vertical blinds with images– contact us and we are going to arrange pictures of your vertical blinds so you could analyze and see how your product is going to look.


When it comes down to the size, you can be in full control of the product you decide to purchase. Since all of our photo blinds are available online, every customizability feature available can be found here. Measure the window in your home and scale plus adjust the sizes on our website in order to get the best possible end result. What is very important is that these functions are free, accessible and easy to use. Only a few clicks separate you and total customization of the size of your blinds.

Nevertheless, the adjustability and customizability of the size feature cannot be emphasized enough. You can accommodate miniature and very small, tiny windows or make a custom made blinds and adjust it to be capable of covering large patio doors or other glass objects. The dimension and size tool is your playground, embrace the possibility to utilize it.


Do not forget: You can always upload your own picture and create blinds design yourself. DIY blinds are what makes windows look unique most! Make your own blinds by uploading the picture here: DIY vertical blinds and send it to us.
Choose different, choose custom made photo vertical blinds from Decoshaker!

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