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Everyone has different, their own Christmas story to tell. There are people, who loves spending Christmas somewhere else while travelling and there are those, who just love to spend this special time at home with their family enjoying every precious moment. However, who can imagine Christmas without beautiful home decorations that brings coziness and peaceful atmosphere at the same time? Without no doubt, during this time of the year, home should be decorated with the most amazing Christmas accents. The question is, what are they?

If you are thinking about improving your home with an exclusive decor, we highly recommend to decorate your walls. Unfortunately, very often people forget that not only shelves, Christmas tree or ceiling can be decorated. Yes, these parts of the house must have some light bulbs, but what about the Christmas wall art? Wonderful and unique Christmas wall decal decorations can brighten up your walls and make them visible to others. 

As there are many wall decoration ideas, we offer the ones that are the most popular this year and will be on TOP in 2018. The most simple, but very interesting idea is applying minimalistic picture of a Christmas tree on the wall on which your family Christmas wishes for all the guest who enters your house will be written. Such idea is so personal and so cute. For instance, you can create such picture yourself and write something like “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the Smiths family”. The tree would look amazing being placed in the entrance hall. 


Second idea is words on the wall. Colorful or one color cutouts are eye-pleasing and very stylish choice. More precisely, such words work as wall stickers. They can be applied during the Christmas and removed after it ends. Need some ideas what to write? Use the most simple, but kind phrases. Something like this: “. Joy. Love. Peace. Christmas.”. “It's the most wonderful time of the year”, and etc.

One more idea that you will love is decorating your walls with light bulbs. Just don’t hang bulbs pell-mell. Instead, shape the Christmas tree, deer or simply a star. It will look amazing and most importantly - beautiful! 


Last but not least, if you lack of wall decoration ideas, decorate your home with Christmas wall murals!  As merry x-mas wall decorations, such option is best for those who want to create something really special and huge. Choose small, large, vinyl or just tree wall decal that will make the bare and boring wall turn to an eye-catching décor. Speaking about such Christmas wall art murals, they are also a good choice, since they are modern, unique, and can be bought online. All you need is to select your favorite picture, its size and order it. Not to mention, such wall decals are removable so you will be able to take them off whenever you like. 

Need more x-mass wall decoration ideas or just a photo as the home wall decal suggestion? Decoshaker is ready to help. At our online store, you can always create your own wallpaper or choose already made design. Merry Christmas scene wall art with trees, snow or Santa – is possible to be created! 

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