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When Christmas is ended now and the New Year began, it’s time to make some changes in your life. You can think of new goals, change your lifestyle or simply improve your home by bringing something really unique and special! 

As Decoshaker always has some great ideas and tips to offer to make your walls are more alive, this time, we want to focus your attention on something really unusual, but still extremely beautiful. We want to talk more about quite an unusual choice of wall decals such as animal, colourful, floral and world map themed wallpapers. Why we think they are unusual? It’s because most often, people are likely to choose more simple and commonly used one color murals that has nothing or just very less detail on top.

However, the thing is, if you really want to have unique home, you must think about unusual wallpaper for walls that has animals, flowers, maps or just different colors and shapes.


To create a perfect scene on your walls, we offer a variety of unusual wall art of animals. Your choice can include such types of artwork for the walls:

  • Jungle nimals. Such wallpapers are perfect for living room, bedroom and kids room. They are usually soft, light, and gentle. Choose your favorite animals, including Lions, Elephants, Parrots, Monkeys, Jaguars, Cougars, Ocelots, and etc. This theme unusual wallpaper for walls can be every color you love. Blue, green, yellow, pink, red and etc. Also, you can always combine jungle animal wallpaper with beautiful bed sheets. You can find some ideas here
  • Cute Buddies. This unusual wall decor can be recognized since many beautiful and cute bunnies, kitties, puppies, ducks are on them. All animals are super lovely, with the smile on their faces. If you are wondering where such decor would suit best, we are sure they would look most amazing in your kids room! Your boy or girl will be so happy to see jumping, running or just happily sitting animals that will be their friends forever. 


Do you also think that the right artwork for the walls can change your home completely? Shake your world with new colors by improving your living room or bedroom with new and gorgeous colourful wall decals. However, this time choose more colors than you are used to. Get red and blue, green and amber, pink and white decal mixes with stylish and modern pictures on them! Colors will make your home look more vivid and fashionable.


Are you into flowers? So must consider getting unusual wallpaper for walls with different flowers on it. Such as wall art is an amazing decor that can be simply bought online for a really good price. Choose Cherry Blossom, Dahlia, Roses, Tulips or Lavender wall decor that can all be various colors. Floral wall murals will not only make your room look more romantic, but it will make the atmosphere much cosier.


Last but not least, try applying world map wallpaper, wall walls, even though it might sound quite unusual for you. African, European or Asian landmarks will look amazing on your living room or bedroom walls. Children will also love it! 

Do not afraid and choose unusual artwork for the walls! Shake your world with more colors and exciting details.

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