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Roller blinds
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Here are some examples of roller blinds you can check it out. Find a picture and upload it here!

Blinds With Your Beloved Family
Blinds With Your Beloved Family

Never forget the people that make you happy and most loved - your family. Choose your desired photo of all of you together and send it to us.

Express Yourself Without no Rules...!
Express Yourself Without no Rules...!

We appreciate creativity! That's why we do not limit our clients' ideas and designs. Upload a picture of your dreams and we will print it on the blinds.

Wedding, Birthday and Etc...
Wedding, Birthday and Etc...

Most beautiful moments of your life can be now printed on the vertical window blinds: your unforgettable weddings, birthday parties or other important events.

Let's Take A Selfie!
Let's Take A Selfie!

Selfie is always a good idea. Whether you are chilling at home, travelling or spending time with your friends. Not to mention, most say that in selfies they come out much better looking! Is that true?

True love...and we are not talking about people
True love...and we are not talking about people

Every man and women has its own secret love. Is that motorcycle, makeup or a car? We are pretty sure everyone's love of the life is different but special. So why not print it on the blinds?

Let People Know What Your Company Is!
Let People Know What Your Company Is!

Wondering where to place your company logo in the office? Windows is the best place for that. Believe us! Everyone will notice what your brand name is.

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DIY roller blinds

Have you ever thought about adding a nice touch to your home? How about you go and make your own roller blinds? We have good news for each and everyone dreaming and having inspiration to create your own roller blinds. It isn’t as expensive as you might think, there is completely no need to visit a roller blind manufacturer or trouble yourselves, it can all be done online, for the right price. Diy roller blinds are the perfect solution to a problem of having a set of roller blinds in your home. Going to the mall to pick out roller blinds can become a thing of the past, you can make your own artwork and contact us about it.

Right from the get-go you should probably be able to tell that this category is different from the others. Here you can easily upload a photograph, visualization or other form of visuals to get a mock-up of a roller blind that could be in your home or given as a gift to others. This is a truly revolutionary step which Decoshaker is proud to call its flagship service as we do it cleanly, properly and with the highest attention to detail. This is a true leap forward in the design world, allowing all customers to have full freedom with their creativity.


Diy roller blinds can be a great way to spend the weekend or an evening. Isn’t it best to have something of your own hanging on the windows? So you can make roller blinds diy – your preferred method. Going to an interior decorator can be very costly and people usually don’t have the time to concern themselves with a professional’s opinion over roller blinds. Nowadays you can go online and find what’s right for you – with an adequate price tag attached. Plus, you can make your own roller blinds whereas a decorator might not understand what you need and enforce his or hers opinion.


These products are very convenient. It’s not a question of why, it should be a question of where should I put them. The designs are going to be made by you, so it is natural that you should not wonder about why to do it, embrace the possibility of having your own piece of décor and putting it somewhere you can enjoy. Asking such questions as why could create eternal doubts and lock you within the borders of a permanent stagnation circle which bears the darkness of routine, monotony and other boring parts of life. Be different and try out yourself in a new character, as an interior decorator who has a task of making custom roller blinds for your home.


Decoshaker’s team is very proud of the category: “diy roller blinds” as it highlights our commitment to the customer and the constant strive for the best results and uncompromised satisfaction. What you should know when hearing “diy roller blinds” is that we can offer a complete do it yourself experience. From design to assembly and unpacking. So why hesitate? Go and make your roller blinds diy.

This is your playground, you get to make and break the rules here. Without you, there would be no DIY roller blind category, so embrace the possibility to see how it works and utilize the full potential of the presses with many colours and tones in the pictures. Start out small and work your way up to maybe having a collection of DIY decorations hanging in your home.


Once again, size is a fully adjustable feature which is meant to help customers feel more in control of the entire creative process. Maybe you have a photograph, but only want a part of it to end up on your blinds or you seek to scale it down. The cases could be various, but the process stays the same. Simple and extensive roller blind size adjustments on Decoshaker – they’re available!

Sometimes your heart longs for some change, however not always you have enough money or time to fulfil the desires. The full home renovation can take a long time and cost a fortune. However, redecorating the entire house is not always necessary. If that is the case, then you can update your roller blinds and add that extra exclusivity to your home.


Moreover, do it yourself roller blinds are the best when your creativity is going over the top while your wallet is crying for help. With this type of window shades, you can showcase your unique family photos, hobbies, company logos and slogans. You can even perpetuate your wonderful wedding moments, or bend the design rules and create something out of the blue.


Down the family memory lane

If you have a gorgeous and loving family, why not express that on your window covers? You can go nuts with the exploding creativity and choose a different family member on each window or have themed room decor. Besides, the roller blinds are well worth making to create a sustainable environment and silently remind about the family love floating in the air. Cherish your moments together for eternity.


No principles for the art

We cannot tell you how to make the window shades that would fascinate you every single minute of the day. It is only you, who knows you the best and can apply all the most extraordinary ideas into your decor. In fact, the art on your canvas can be nothing even close to a picture. It can be any shapes, forms or even dots connected into something meaningful and only understandable by you or a few others — something like an inside joke. There are no limits. You only need to have an idea and be able to upload it onto our website.


Once in a lifetime

When your once in a lifetime moment comes, you will probably want to remember it forever. Roller blinds are a perfect place to showcase that memory and show the world how proud you are of your achievements. Don’t hesitate to showcase what matters to you. Whether it is your wedding day, winning the first place in a championship, overcoming your inner fears or adopting a puppy. If it is indispensable for you, it is the same for us. We will make sure that the high-quality roller blinds reach you in an ideal condition.


Free space to feature your business

What is a better place to showcase your business message than window shades? It is a free space that everyone can see from the inside and outside. Thus do not miss your chance to attract passers-by and create instant interest in your business with personalised window roller blinds. We can assure you that we know how to make the greatest products that are fully personalised. Order now and enjoy the confidence of having sole decor.


As long as you have an idea, roller blinds can become your canvas without spending a fortune.


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