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DIY vertical blinds

If you love to make things yourselves we have some great news for you. You can make your own vertical blinds very easily. Our customers can create some pretty cool designs for vertical window treatments from photos, all they need to do nowadays is go online, to Decoshaker and find the category under the label DIY. Here you can configure all sorts of décor pieces, from window dressings to stickers on walls and much, much more…

Modern technology can allow to you to take a regular photography and turn it to something a lot more than just pretty looks on a mobile phone or computer. You can immortalize and/or commemorate a moment which is dear, important or causes positive emotions. Back a few years ago, a set of custom decorations in the home was a sign of extreme wealth or artistry. State of the art technology eliminated unfair exclusion from the sector and now anyone with photos can create blinds of their choosing with a few clicks.


Various online guides require a lot of collection. What it means is that you have to go all around town, wasting fuel and time to gather things one by one when there is an easier option. Look at what we have to offer and you will surely be saying “I can easily make my own vertical blinds”. Here in Decoshaker we call these ones – diy vertical blinds. If you want a specific color scheme, shape or just like to do things by yourselves, choose this section of do it yourself wonders. It is true that doing things by yourself is very satisfying, but it certainly is not for everyone. Blinds beat curtains any day of the week. Let’s take it from the top, blinds:

  • will not accumulate dust, contrary to curtains which do that excessively and cause allergies
  • are easy to maintain, occupy a small space thus require minimal efforts to clean or remove
  • functional and practical, can be adjusted to cover the windows better
    In addition, you can make your own designs from a photography which means something, whilst curtains are just going to be a big and wide piece, occupying a large space and being hard to remove, adjust and/or maintain. The choice seems quite obvious now.

People should not force this on themselves and should rather invest their energy elsewhere, but for those who find joy in assembling, creating and making you don’t have to wonder anymore ‘can you make your own vertical blinds?’. The answer is simple and it is yes!


Colour combinations are seemingly endless with photos on DIY window treatments. With millions of pictures being taken every day, we believe that every captured moment has the potential to become a piece of art with even the most unlikely scenarios carrying out to be a beautiful dressing for windows. A single photography is filled with many colours which give a single image much more than just good looks. It creates an atmosphere, gives meaning to a frame and fits more than just dots and pieces. A picture is an emotion and nothing more than colours can pass that on.


Diy vertical blinds, scroll here to find the inventory and tips required to create your own vertical blinds for a good price. The best thing about it – you can see everything online and can get everything from one spot. Decoshaker recommends making your own everything possible, not just window treatments because there is no better feeling than looking at something that you did yourself. Well what are you waiting for? Get your custom vertical blinds now!


When you decide to order and buy DIY vertical blinds from Decoshaker, a full list of customizable options become available to you. From freedom of design choice to adjustments in size and many other features highlight our name amongst competitors. An innovative tool made accessible and easily usable for all customers is your gateway to a colourful, stylish and very unique world of design creation. Make vertical blind looks from photos, scale and adjust sizing to finally order a fully functional and unique set of décor that you can fit yourself without having to pay carpenters or repairmen.

What is more – mock-up creation is free and unlimited so you can get on the website and draw up a few designs every now and then to decide later on. Scale the pictures differently, adjust measurements and other parameters to see what fits best with you and what the homeowner is most happy to see. Don’t compromise, find a premium quality item for an attractive price, here in Decoshaker! Contact us for more information!

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