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Small roller blinds

If you have small or mini windows in your bathroom, kitchen or bedroom you might be in a bit of a sticky situation because there are rarely affordable options of small curtains online. The only logical solution is to cover your small window with roller blinds. Decoshaker has small roller blinds for doors, for bathrooms, for the smallest possible window or glass area in your home. You can choose from various colors which could accent your interior in such a way that you might not have thought about before:

  • Blue – calming, relaxing, allows better brainstorming and productive processes.
  • Green – inspiring, down to earth, helps focus and do harder tasks while maintaining perfect emotional balance
  • Purple – the color of royals, you simply cannot lose your cool or be intimidated or fearful when this color is around
  • White – the color of eternal tranquility. The interior is great when white is dominating, because then you have so many color combinations available.
  • Cream – stimulates the part of your brain responsible for pleasure so you automatically feel a lot happier when this color is jamming.
  • Grey – a bit different, but grey roller blinds for small windows is a great choice because it sort of blends in with everything else.

If you are looking for small roller blind solutions, there is no better place than Decoshaker. Our qualities allow us to create a well-rounded and high-quality product which has no match in the market. Meanwhile, you can browse the list of other roller blinds that are for sale in Decoshaker. If you have any questions about roller or vertical blinds – contact us and we will answer your questions ASAP.


Choose different, choose small roller blinds from Decoshaker!




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