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Japanese bath house roller blinds

Price 89.99 EUR/m2

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  • Your product will be delivered within 8 – 15 working days with UPS
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Measurement and installation instructions

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Can my mural, roller or vertical blind be cleaned?

  • Yes. Use a damp cloth for cleaning surface. No chemicals should be used on the surface as this
    could cause damage your wall mural, vertical blinds or rollers.

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Product Details

Shipping info:  8-15 working days

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Material options:    

100% textile fabric
- Aliuminium roller tube Ø 32 mm
- Maximum width 160 cm (63 inch)
- Maximum fabric height 300 cm (118 inch)
- Easy fit universal brackets suitable for top, side and face fitting.
- Plastic control bracket


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Japanese bath house

For those who want to make their home look really interesting and unusual, we offer choosing Japanese bath house roller blinds. These enchanting window covering is made by Karen Arnold and is based on the culture and traditions of Japan. Mostly,  it portrays womanhood that provides peace and goodness. So, if you are close to Japan culture and you are interested in this country, we highly offer to apply these roller blinds to your living room or bedroom, since it will provide additional coziness and the atmosphere in the room will become peaceful. You can by these modern and original window coverings at decoshaker for a really good price online.

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