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Roller blinds
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Colourful roller blinds

Relaxing waves Relaxing waves

Relaxing waves
89.99 EUR/ m2

Violet night plants Violet night plants

Violet night plants
89.99 EUR/ m2

Retro butterfly Retro butterfly

Retro butterfly
89.99 EUR/ m2

Space Travels Space Travels

Space Travels
89.99 EUR/ m2

Pastel lines Pastel lines

Pastel lines
89.99 EUR/ m2

Growing lines Growing lines

Growing lines
89.99 EUR/ m2

Lime - mint line draft Lime - mint line draft

Lime - mint line draft
89.99 EUR/ m2

Glitter flakes Glitter flakes

Glitter flakes
89.99 EUR/ m2

Twisting dots Twisting dots

Twisting dots
89.99 EUR/ m2

Sakura cherry blossom Sakura cherry blossom

Sakura cherry blossom
89.99 EUR/ m2

Fruit wave black Fruit wave black

Fruit wave black
89.99 EUR/ m2

Small birds Small birds

Small birds
89.99 EUR/ m2

Golden lines Golden lines

Golden lines
89.99 EUR/ m2

Leafs in darkness Leafs in darkness

Leafs in darkness
89.99 EUR/ m2

Green elephant Green elephant

Green elephant
89.99 EUR/ m2

Flower rings Flower rings

Flower rings
89.99 EUR/ m2

Red vehicles Red vehicles

Red vehicles
89.99 EUR/ m2

DYE on the glass abstract DYE on the glass abstract

DYE on the glass abstract
89.99 EUR/ m2

Friendsaurus Friendsaurus

89.99 EUR/ m2

Jungle Jungle

89.99 EUR/ m2

Red Bricks Wall Red Bricks Wall

Red Bricks Wall
89.99 EUR/ m2

Translucent leaves Translucent leaves

Translucent leaves
89.99 EUR/ m2

Paris, je t'aime Paris, je t'aime

Paris, je t'aime
89.99 EUR/ m2

Colourful maze Colourful maze

Colourful maze
89.99 EUR/ m2

Purple ducks Purple ducks

Purple ducks
89.99 EUR/ m2

Help to the dinosaur Help to the dinosaur

Help to the dinosaur
89.99 EUR/ m2

Ice cream land Ice cream land

Ice cream land
89.99 EUR/ m2

Animal party Animal party

Animal party
89.99 EUR/ m2

Kitty in the forest Kitty in the forest

Kitty in the forest
89.99 EUR/ m2

Forest pink Forest pink

Forest pink
89.99 EUR/ m2

Forest green soft Forest green soft

Forest green soft
89.99 EUR/ m2

Colourful roller blinds

All people have common differences. One of these is a person’s favourite color. You can select your favourite color (for example, green) and find bright and colourful roller blinds or completely unique multi coloured roller blinds in our website to fulfil your lifelong dream of having an accessory of your favourite color in your house.

With color matching patterned roller blinds, Decoshaker set out to have a collection which would really represent the personalities and feelings of people. You can browse the lists of striped, patterned or completely blacked out colourful roller blinds that are on display in this category. All of our products have high-quality images and visualizations that help envision these accessories clearly and “put” them in your home at least in an imaginary way.


In terms of modernity, there is nothing more special than colourful roller blinds as they are the best way for covering windows and a cost efficient way of finding treatments for them. Take on the challenge to surprise yourself and the people coming to your home with the best and most beautiful designs available in the catalogue. Your choices in the interior should replicate your personality and things you like and should definitely not be a thing forced upon you by the interior decorators. It starts from the ground up where you can build a solid base with great complimentary pieces such as colourful blinds that are printed on high quality materials, using premium paint and ensuring that the product is in the best possible shape.

With hundreds of different shades, tones and colors available in colourful roller blinds category, the decision to choose the best design is solely up to you. Decoshaker can gladly give you recommendations and suggestions on what goes best with the colors, patterns and textures in your interior. What is more, you can configure your own personalized colourful interior custom made decorations to match the windows in your home and suit your living room, dining room, bedroom or even kitchen.


Window dressings online are usually less pricey but tend to be out of date, made from poor quality fabrics and have all kinds of unpleasant quirks that could steer away buyers from choosing them. That is a tendency from the past and nowadays you can find colourful roller blinds, for example on Decoshaker at astonishingly low prices that are competitive and very attractive. What it comes down is whether you want them and can fit them. Even the smallest or largest windows and glasses can be accommodated with our products, so just find the design you like and put it in the bag. It is as simple as that.

Browse different collections and categories of roller or vertical blinds to find more and more attractive and well-designed models. We also recommend the exquisite collection of colourful vertical blinds available in our site as well. By working together, we can enable the best possible solutions to any design problems or questions that you might have.


Sizes for the orders can be adjusted with a few simple clicks that can manipulate your end product to match the required dimensions you enter into our system. Measure the glass and windows at home and scale the product accordingly on our website. Colourful roller blinds can become a thing to embrace and adore as it should fit in perfectly in both the terms of size and design qualities.
The scaling and editing tool is simple to use and very accessible to anyone, even those who have not used it previously. If you have any questions or if any situations provide a lack of clarity – contact us! We are always happy to help you out!


Do not forget: You can always upload your own picture and create blinds design yourself. DIY blinds are what makes windows look unique most! Make your own blinds by uploading the picture here: DIY roller blinds and send it to us. 


Choose different, choose custom made indoor colourful roller blinds from Decoshaker! 

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