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Roller blinds
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Living room roller blinds

In Dunes In Dunes

In Dunes
89.99 EUR/ m2

Sandy beach stripes Sandy beach stripes

Sandy beach stripes
89.99 EUR/ m2

In The Bushes In The Bushes

In The Bushes
89.99 EUR/ m2

Golden garden II Golden garden II

Golden garden II
89.99 EUR/ m2

Grey garden IV Grey garden IV

Grey garden IV
89.99 EUR/ m2

The Way Home The Way Home

The Way Home
89.99 EUR/ m2

Vandalism in pink Vandalism in pink

Vandalism in pink
89.99 EUR/ m2

World On One Page World On One Page

World On One Page
89.99 EUR/ m2

Oversized brown leaves I Oversized brown leaves I

Oversized brown leaves I
89.99 EUR/ m2

Blu-01 Blu-01

89.99 EUR/ m2

Blu Too-01 Blu Too-01

Blu Too-01
89.99 EUR/ m2

Untitled 003 Untitled 003

Untitled 003
89.99 EUR/ m2

Big Flower Blossoms Big Flower Blossoms

Big Flower Blossoms
89.99 EUR/ m2

Triangles Triangles

89.99 EUR/ m2

Typography cities Typography cities

Typography cities
89.99 EUR/ m2

Kaleidoscopic Forest Kaleidoscopic Forest

Kaleidoscopic Forest
89.99 EUR/ m2

Autumn leaves II Autumn leaves II

Autumn leaves II
89.99 EUR/ m2

Bird garden Bird garden

Bird garden
89.99 EUR/ m2

Pastel pyramids Pastel pyramids

Pastel pyramids
89.99 EUR/ m2

Different Shapes Different Shapes

Different Shapes
89.99 EUR/ m2

Traveller Traveller

89.99 EUR/ m2

Autumn colors Autumn colors

Autumn colors
89.99 EUR/ m2

Art Deco diamonds Art Deco diamonds

Art Deco diamonds
89.99 EUR/ m2

Orange bricks Orange bricks

Orange bricks
89.99 EUR/ m2

Starry Forest Starry Forest

Starry Forest
89.99 EUR/ m2

Geometric Herringbone Geometric Herringbone

Geometric Herringbone
89.99 EUR/ m2

Brown feathers Brown feathers

Brown feathers
89.99 EUR/ m2

Art Deco in Red Art Deco in Red

Art Deco in Red
89.99 EUR/ m2

Adventurous boots Adventurous boots

Adventurous boots
89.99 EUR/ m2

 Silver rubies Silver rubies

Silver rubies
89.99 EUR/ m2

Vintage flower bouquet I Vintage flower bouquet I

Vintage flower bouquet I
89.99 EUR/ m2

Living room roller blinds

Arguably the most important place in your home is the living room. It is also the one which requires most attention, love and care. A solid addition to your everyday accommodation can be a set of living room roller blinds. They add a certain charm to your living room by also providing a functional use for them to block unwanted sunlight during your time in the room. It is very simple to operate them. Just roll down when the sun seems too bright or snoopy eyes tend to peek too much. If there are no such disturbances – roll them up and enjoy the smooth night sky or a bright summer sunlight through the clean and unscratched window. Besides controlling privacy and comfort, blinds also protect windows from scratches, dents and other damages that reckless or uncalculated behaviour could bring.


Don’t hesitate nor wait, do go online and find your perfect set of living room roller blinds at the right price, here in decoshaker. The selection is exquisite and vast to say the least and to go along with the huge offerings and wide ranges of color, patterns, styles and looks, the price is always affordable and fair. If you want printed roller blinds for living room, you shouldn’t waste any more time thinking about any other solutions, just pick a design that you fancy and do it. Modern ideas come together in this section to make Decoshaker the top destination and a one stop shop for all things related to roller blinds meant for the living room. Move away from the curtains as they create and encourage allergies, require tons of maintenance and are hard to keep fresh and not become outdated. Roller blinds are meant for the person of today and the future.


The variety shouldn’t be an obstacle, the designs are visually well represented and you can look and test various models and schemes on how would they fit in your living room and how is a new set of functional and great custom made living room roller blinds blend in and block the sun from damaging your comfort or snooping eyes from attacking your privacy. Decorative roller blinds for a living room is definitely the way to go if you want to add more comfort, wellness and health to the living room in your home.


Imagine a situation that is common throughout the market. You have a window which is shaped quite oddly in terms of standards. Maybe it is very long, tall, short or rounded out. With most decorators, you would be forced to buy up to the closest square metre to accommodate the needs. These measurements are inaccurate and the customer usually ends up overpaying big time. Decoshaker eliminates this factor by allowing the customer to fully take control and choose how much fabric he or she needs for the window coverings.

Measure the windows or glass doors, panels at home and transfer the measurements to our website’s canvas. They are very easy to use and modern ideas can be adapted to be suitable for living rooms all over the world. Costs are visible when making adjustments so you will clearly see how much the final price be, when you decide to finally purchase an appropriately sized set of roller blinds for the living room.


Do not forget: You can always upload your own picture and create blinds design yourself. DIY blinds are what makes windows look unique most! Make your own blinds by uploading the picture here: DIY roller blinds and send it to us. 

Choose your favorite custom made living room roller blinds and improve your window treatments!

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