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Spring Meadow roller blinds

Price 89.99 EUR/m2

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Shipping info:  8-15 working days

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Material options:    

100% textile fabric
- Aliuminium roller tube Ø 32 mm
- Maximum width 160 cm (63 inch)
- Maximum fabric height 300 cm (118 inch)
- Easy fit universal brackets suitable for top, side and face fitting.
- Plastic control bracket


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Spring Meadow

Spring Meadow  roller blinds are a must for a baby or young kids, since they don't want to be woken by the early morning sunshine. These colorful and charming roller blinds were designed with a purpose to make the children's room a cozy environment, where they would like to spend time in: play, sleep, and, etc. Let your child to feel comfortable in his own room, buy these unique roller blinds for a really good price and make your kid feel happy!

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