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Wave of colours vertical blinds

Price 129.99 EUR/m2

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Product Details


Shipping info:   8-12 working days

We accept payment:  PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro

Material options:    
- 100% textile fabric louvres
- Aluminium headrail
- Complete with white top hangers, bottom weights and stabilizing chain
- Easy fit brackets, choose from top or face fitting
- Louvres can stack to either side
- Plastic control bracket
- Fabric can be both rotated or drawn with precision chain & cord operation
- Maximum width 300 cm (118 inch) height 300 cm (118 inch)
- Minimum width 70cm (28 inch) height 100 cm (39 inch)




How to Measure & Instal: Click here







Living room vertical blinds to buy

Old House Old House

Old House
35.99 EUR/m2

Winding Road Winding Road

Winding Road
35.99 EUR/m2

Green Tropical Leaves Green Tropical Leaves

Green Tropical Leaves
35.99 EUR/m2

Lonely Lighthouse Lonely Lighthouse

Lonely Lighthouse
35.99 EUR/m2

Сolourful Mountain Сolourful Mountain

Сolourful Mountain
35.99 EUR/m2

Noisy Street Noisy Street

Noisy Street
35.99 EUR/m2

Fireworks Fireworks

35.99 EUR/m2

Pink And Blue Pink And Blue

Pink And Blue
35.99 EUR/m2

Seacoast Seacoast

35.99 EUR/m2

Wood Aesthetics Wood Aesthetics

Wood Aesthetics
35.99 EUR/m2

Swiss Court Swiss Court

Swiss Court
35.99 EUR/m2

Green High Cactus Green High Cactus

Green High Cactus
35.99 EUR/m2

Old English Courtyard Old English Courtyard

Old English Courtyard
35.99 EUR/m2

Sky Sky

35.99 EUR/m2

Red Sparks Red Sparks

Red Sparks
35.99 EUR/m2

Sea Without Water Sea Without Water

Sea Without Water
35.99 EUR/m2

Horse Ranch B&W Horse Ranch B&W

Horse Ranch B&W
35.99 EUR/m2

Exit Exit

35.99 EUR/m2

Maple Maple

35.99 EUR/m2

Papaya Orange Papaya Orange

Papaya Orange
35.99 EUR/m2

Pink Outlet Pink Outlet

Pink Outlet
35.99 EUR/m2

Smell Of The Oranges Smell Of The Oranges

Smell Of The Oranges
35.99 EUR/m2

Jellyfish Jellyfish

35.99 EUR/m2

Once Upon The Sea Once Upon The Sea

Once Upon The Sea
35.99 EUR/m2

Elephant Elephant

35.99 EUR/m2

Summertime Summertime

35.99 EUR/m2

Old Brunches Old Brunches

Old Brunches
35.99 EUR/m2

Cat in a bag Cat in a bag

Cat in a bag
35.99 EUR/m2

Autumn leaves III Autumn leaves III

Autumn leaves III
35.99 EUR/m2

Old Street Old Street

Old Street
35.99 EUR/m2

Glass Glass

35.99 EUR/m2

Under The Gun Under The Gun

Under The Gun
35.99 EUR/m2

Wave of colours

Everybody wants a home that is beautiful, one that visitors will envy and you can use to boast to your friends. To make your room attractive requires a lot of effort from you and one of the prices to pay is to get a beautiful window blind.

Decoshaker has got tons of artworks online that will make your window beautiful and fascinating. Take a look at Wave of colours vertical blinds, which is a unique design that will brighten up your room even in case of a blackout.

Why Decoshaker window blinds?

Many modern homeowners are now making use of the numerous artworks being offered by Decoshaker. There are plenty of designs from which you can pick from. These vertical and horizontal blinds are different from the regular curtains that your window is used to.

The designs, shape, and shades are exciting, and they can remove the dull atmosphere in your room, Wave of colours vertical blinds, is a good example, it is suitable for doors and bedrooms and for kitchens.

Decoshaker provides artworks with different types of color, shape, shades, and sizes from which you can select from online yet you have the opportunity to upload your picture for vertical blinds and this we will produce for you.

These works of arts come in manageable sizes, and this makes the installation process very easy. The colors are far from dull, and you can never get tired of looking at them.

Some art works are suitable for living room while some are good for the kitchen, regardless of the choice of room, you can be guaranteed of getting the best vertical blinds from us.

Decoshaker also offer quality window treatment to improve the style and functionality of your windows. All our services are at a low price, and you will get nothing less than the best from us.

Decoshaker is happy to offer you the opportunity to create your design wall coverings or window coverings at the best price on the market.

There is no limit to the beauty you will get from these artworks, contact Decoshaker now.

Contact us