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Golden Kitchen Items wall murals

Price 35.99 EUR/m2

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Product Details

 Shipping info:   8-15 work days

Payment:  PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro

Material options: 

Our wall murals are made of PVC coated non-woven fabric with embossing.
- Murals are created only for indoor decoration. The characteristics
  of the non-woven murals:
- Finish: Matte
- Brilliant colour reproduction
- Good flatness
- Softness
- Height 100 - 500 cm (39 - 197 inch)
- Width 100 - 1000 cm (39 - 394 inch)


How to Measure & Instal: Click here

All review

Ordered wall murals. Excellent experience and even better product. Happy to have it on my walls.
The staff answered all my questions and assured that I took the right measurements for the blinds. Thank you! Will buy again.
Absolutely stunning. Love the shades and material. It arrived in a bit more than one week.


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Red Cars & Planes Red Cars & Planes

Red Cars & Planes
35.99 EUR/m2

Frozen Nature Frozen Nature

Frozen Nature
35.99 EUR/m2

Sandy Stripes Sandy Stripes

Sandy Stripes
35.99 EUR/m2

World On One Page World On One Page

World On One Page
35.99 EUR/m2

Underwater Shells Underwater Shells

Underwater Shells
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This is Illusion This is Illusion

This is Illusion
35.99 EUR/m2

In My Garden Pattern In My Garden Pattern

In My Garden Pattern
35.99 EUR/m2

Morning sun Morning sun

Morning sun
35.99 EUR/m2

Dune Dune

35.99 EUR/m2

Fruit Wave Fruit Wave

Fruit Wave
35.99 EUR/m2

Freeze Freeze

35.99 EUR/m2

Retro Retro

35.99 EUR/m2

Colorful Mountains Colorful Mountains

Colorful Mountains
35.99 EUR/m2

On The Way Home On The Way Home

On The Way Home
35.99 EUR/m2

Icy Mountains Icy Mountains

Icy Mountains
35.99 EUR/m2

Frozen Leaf Frozen Leaf

Frozen Leaf
35.99 EUR/m2

Ocean Shells Ocean Shells

Ocean Shells
35.99 EUR/m2

Elephants Elephants

35.99 EUR/m2

Baby Toys Baby Toys

Baby Toys
35.99 EUR/m2

Golden Garden Golden Garden

Golden Garden
35.99 EUR/m2

Red Cloth Red Cloth

Red Cloth
35.99 EUR/m2

Screamy Screamy

35.99 EUR/m2

Linear Linear

35.99 EUR/m2

Frozen Grass Frozen Grass

Frozen Grass
35.99 EUR/m2

My London My London

My London
35.99 EUR/m2

Winter Beauty Winter Beauty

Winter Beauty
35.99 EUR/m2

Cloudy Mountains Cloudy Mountains

Cloudy Mountains
35.99 EUR/m2

Colorful Peonies Colorful Peonies

Colorful Peonies
35.99 EUR/m2

Grey Garden Grey Garden

Grey Garden
35.99 EUR/m2

Vandalism I Vandalism I

Vandalism I
35.99 EUR/m2

White Bear White Bear

White Bear
35.99 EUR/m2

Blue Mountains Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains
35.99 EUR/m2

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