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Wall murals
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  • Outstanding service
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  • Unique design
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Home wall murals

Country Animals Country Animals

Country Animals
35.99 EUR/ m2

Abstract Mosaic Labyrinth Abstract Mosaic Labyrinth

Abstract Mosaic Labyrinth
35.99 EUR/ m2

Small Grey Ducks Small Grey Ducks

Small Grey Ducks
35.99 EUR/ m2

Chic-Color Grey Chic-Color Grey

Chic-Color Grey
35.99 EUR/ m2

Magic Forest Magic Forest

Magic Forest
35.99 EUR/ m2

Vintage flower bouquet I Vintage flower bouquet I

Vintage flower bouquet I
35.99 EUR/ m2

Cold Cold

35.99 EUR/ m2

Secret Garden Secret Garden

Secret Garden
35.99 EUR/ m2

Adventurous Shoes Adventurous Shoes

Adventurous Shoes
35.99 EUR/ m2

 Bokeh Bokeh

35.99 EUR/ m2

Amber Crosses Amber Crosses

Amber Crosses
35.99 EUR/ m2

Calm Water Calm Water

Calm Water
35.99 EUR/ m2

In my pocket In my pocket

In my pocket
35.99 EUR/ m2

Deep Water Deep Water

Deep Water
35.99 EUR/ m2

Sports fan Sports fan

Sports fan
35.99 EUR/ m2

Plus Plus

35.99 EUR/ m2

Orange Circles Orange Circles

Orange Circles
35.99 EUR/ m2

Confetti Rain Confetti Rain

Confetti Rain
35.99 EUR/ m2

Go Badminton Go Badminton

Go Badminton
35.99 EUR/ m2

Steamy Shore Steamy Shore

Steamy Shore
35.99 EUR/ m2

The triangle The triangle

The triangle
35.99 EUR/ m2

Timber! Timber!

35.99 EUR/ m2

Autumn tale Autumn tale

Autumn tale
35.99 EUR/ m2

Golden Mosaic Golden Mosaic

Golden Mosaic
35.99 EUR/ m2

Sparkling Show Sparkling Show

Sparkling Show
35.99 EUR/ m2

Unusual Fruits Unusual Fruits

Unusual Fruits
35.99 EUR/ m2

Wise Sight Wise Sight

Wise Sight
35.99 EUR/ m2

Starry Forest Starry Forest

Starry Forest
35.99 EUR/ m2

Tropical Houses Tropical Houses

Tropical Houses
35.99 EUR/ m2

NY in Sunset NY in Sunset

NY in Sunset
35.99 EUR/ m2

Amazing Art Of Street Amazing Art Of Street

Amazing Art Of Street
35.99 EUR/ m2

Home wall murals

Your home need that special, delicate and tasteful touch. A touch of warmth and style. With the emergence of social networks, people nowadays seem to forget how lucky they are to have everything at their fingertips. We take online availability for granted. There is so much we can improve in our home. We can rejuvenate how the home looks, how it feels and everything inside it, but the most important thing is making it feel like it’s your true home. Everyone wants that, but there are obstacles: lack of ideas, price of the realization and many others. Decoshaker believes that we know the perfect place to start at – the walls.


Every house has them and people don’t seem to pay attention to them… Or do they? They’re painted carefully, have posters hanging on them, precious memories nailed for us to display alongside many other wonders that they provide us with. But how about a set of home wall murals design. Decorating your house might seem like a very hard task, but nowadays with the online services it’s as good as the real thing, with live support available almost any given moment you can save tremendous amounts of money alongside time and have wonderful home wall mural decals right between your floors and the roof, for a low price of course. Having a set of wall murals for home is just what you might need, it changes the dynamic and any kind of wall decals or wall murals make everything more artistic and human-like. People want modern ideas, they have the urge for something new and home wall murals might just be the fulfillment for it. But for those desiring a more classic approach – decoshaker also has you covered.


To make your home really feel like home you need to add some unique and individual details. Start off with something that provides the base for future decorations – wallpapers for home walls. You can upload photos to make photo wall decals for home and use our tools and a wide variety of services to create the most unique, iconic and marvellous home wall decorations in the entire world. If you’re not into the DIY/creation process, you can select from the many hundreds of variously patterned home wallpapers. With regards to custom design textures, there is no better quality than hand painted designs which Decoshaker is known for. Precision, tone differences, visual fidelity and many more qualities are best resembled through work which is done manually, by hand. Most importantly, designs drawn up by printers or machines lack the spirit and soul of hand painted craftsmanship. When it comes down to the final product and the quality of colours – we have the best production around. Striped, coloured with a single bright tone or painted with a lot of tones that co-respond well with one another – many designs are available and you can choose the combinations of colours and designs which suit you best.


Whether you select to buy a design from the catalogue or take on a completely different rout, the size can be custom made by your own preferences. It does not matter if a wall is large and hard to measure or a smaller one covering a small area in the corner of your house. Select the design and scroll to apply dimensions of your wall to create a preferred size of décor for the walls in your household.

Need tips and/or advice on textures, how to measure sizes and etc.? Contact us, we are always happy to help out!

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