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Wall murals
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Large wall murals

Stone In The Moss Stone In The Moss

Stone In The Moss
35.99 EUR/ m2

White Old Sand White Old Sand

White Old Sand
35.99 EUR/ m2

Self-reflection Self-reflection

35.99 EUR/ m2

Strange Floor Strange Floor

Strange Floor
35.99 EUR/ m2

Yellow Wall Yellow Wall

Yellow Wall
35.99 EUR/ m2

London London

35.99 EUR/ m2

Grey Butterflies Grey Butterflies

Grey Butterflies
35.99 EUR/ m2

Homesick Homesick

35.99 EUR/ m2

Infinite Love Infinite Love

Infinite Love
35.99 EUR/ m2

Day Dilemma Day Dilemma

Day Dilemma
35.99 EUR/ m2

Oversized brown leafs Oversized brown leafs

Oversized brown leafs
35.99 EUR/ m2

Blue Tiny Houses Blue Tiny Houses

Blue Tiny Houses
35.99 EUR/ m2

World cities World cities

World cities
35.99 EUR/ m2

House B&W House B&W

House B&W
35.99 EUR/ m2

NYC map NYC map

NYC map
35.99 EUR/ m2

Autumn Leaves Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves
35.99 EUR/ m2

Summertime Summertime

35.99 EUR/ m2

Vivid_DYE on the glass Vivid_DYE on the glass

Vivid_DYE on the glass
35.99 EUR/ m2

Winding Road Winding Road

Winding Road
35.99 EUR/ m2

Mellow Colors Mellow Colors

Mellow Colors
35.99 EUR/ m2

Ancient Wall Ancient Wall

Ancient Wall
35.99 EUR/ m2

DYE - Experiment DYE - Experiment

DYE - Experiment
35.99 EUR/ m2

Green Bird Garden Green Bird Garden

Green Bird Garden
35.99 EUR/ m2

DYE - Colours DYE - Colours

DYE - Colours
35.99 EUR/ m2

DYE on the glass II DYE on the glass II

DYE on the glass II
35.99 EUR/ m2

 DYE On The Glass - Wave DYE On The Glass - Wave

DYE On The Glass - Wave
35.99 EUR/ m2

Pastel Rhombus pattern Pastel Rhombus pattern

Pastel Rhombus pattern
35.99 EUR/ m2

Colors in Motion Colors in Motion

Colors in Motion
35.99 EUR/ m2

Moving colors Moving colors

Moving colors
35.99 EUR/ m2

Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope

35.99 EUR/ m2

Bicycles Bicycles

35.99 EUR/ m2

Large wall murals

If you are feeling like your walls are lacking some spirit or positive aura, you came to the right place. For those large walls that might be lifeless in your home – without any accents, details or interesting features, Decoshaker offers a solution to make things better, introducing large wall murals. Our online store can help you find the best, finest, unique and prettiest murals for walls in your home. Large wall murals from wallpaper can surely bump your mood up instantly. Imagine if the mural is designed to somehow make you feel better. You can choose a design here, so you can have a set of murals which are in your favorite colour or displays something you like and etc.


For those who look at the bigger picture, we have a solution called extra large wall murals which can cover even larger walls and have bigger pictures or just more detail in general to provide a well-rounded product. These blinds are meant for people who want to solve a lot of design related issues with one, quick method. Whatever measurements you might need for your home, we will be able to arrange the required amounts of murals.


People like to think that larger wall murals with picture instantly cause larger prices. Our collection is very affordable and anyone who has large walls can allow themselves to have the luxury of large wall decals in their homes. The same applies to extra large wall murals. Choose from the many available designs. If you can’t design which one is going to blend in with your interior best, do not hesitate to contact us and we will surely help you out and give professional tips and advice! If you have any questions about any of our products, feel free to contact Decoshaker with enquiries or questions.


With so many prints for bedrooms in store, your hardest job, by far, is to pick the best one. We believe that you will get bonus, additional ideas just by looking at the large wall murals in store here. From trees to cityscape sceneries and from abstract figures to flowers, you can opt to buy the best selection of huge coloured wall decorations that either blend in or stand out. If you have any suggestions, questions or need help choosing an appropriate design for your interior, please feel free to send us questions via e-mail or leave us a message in the webpage!


In Decoshaker, your large prints for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms start out with ideas and end up as masterpieces on the four edged space. There are no borders here and you get to make and break the rules. Most interior decorators sell square shapes or cut in the metres to reduce costs, but we believe that is a highway robbery and think that customers should be allowed to pick and select products down to every centimetre. You can fully adjust the end product’s scale, size and picture seen on it within our webpage. Simply select the design, add it and you can cut, shape and switch things up.

Choose different, choose large wall murals from Decoshaker!

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