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Roller blinds
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Custom roller blinds

My morning My morning

My morning
89.99 EUR/ m2

Pocket stuff Pocket stuff

Pocket stuff
89.99 EUR/ m2

In the blue mountains In the blue mountains

In the blue mountains
89.99 EUR/ m2

Kitchen items Kitchen items

Kitchen items
89.99 EUR/ m2

This is Illusion I This is Illusion I

This is Illusion I
89.99 EUR/ m2

Pink balloons Pink balloons

Pink balloons
89.99 EUR/ m2

Red Cloth I Red Cloth I

Red Cloth I
89.99 EUR/ m2

Frozen Grass I Frozen Grass I

Frozen Grass I
89.99 EUR/ m2

Frozen leaf I Frozen leaf I

Frozen leaf I
89.99 EUR/ m2

Frozen nature I Frozen nature I

Frozen nature I
89.99 EUR/ m2

Freeze I Freeze I

Freeze I
89.99 EUR/ m2

In Dunes In Dunes

In Dunes
89.99 EUR/ m2

Sandy beach stripes Sandy beach stripes

Sandy beach stripes
89.99 EUR/ m2

Winter Beauty I Winter Beauty I

Winter Beauty I
89.99 EUR/ m2

Golden garden II Golden garden II

Golden garden II
89.99 EUR/ m2

Grey garden IV Grey garden IV

Grey garden IV
89.99 EUR/ m2

Dotty Dotty

89.99 EUR/ m2

English street English street

English street
89.99 EUR/ m2

Tropical Tropical

89.99 EUR/ m2

Mountains Mountains

89.99 EUR/ m2

Cloudy mountain Cloudy mountain

Cloudy mountain
89.99 EUR/ m2

Colorful Shells Colorful Shells

Colorful Shells
89.99 EUR/ m2

Green Underwater Shells Green Underwater Shells

Green Underwater Shells
89.99 EUR/ m2

Oversized brown leaves I Oversized brown leaves I

Oversized brown leaves I
89.99 EUR/ m2

Blu-01 Blu-01

89.99 EUR/ m2

Blu Too-01 Blu Too-01

Blu Too-01
89.99 EUR/ m2

Untitled 003 Untitled 003

Untitled 003
89.99 EUR/ m2

Big Flower Blossoms Big Flower Blossoms

Big Flower Blossoms
89.99 EUR/ m2

Orange birdie Orange birdie

Orange birdie
89.99 EUR/ m2

Triangles Triangles

89.99 EUR/ m2

Typography cities Typography cities

Typography cities
89.99 EUR/ m2

Custom roller blinds

Add a little more soul and freshness to your windows with custom roller blinds. You can easily add a piece of your own to the house or apartment that you live in. Sometimes people with strong individualities or just specific needs have a hard time picking out from what is given. They want to have more control in the creation plus selection, and that is very normal. If you go online and search for interior decorators, they charge a fortune, while here in decoshaker you can see the right application from to send over your custom made roller blinds. The benefit of custom roller blinds for windows is not only the general assumptions and facts that they: prevent unwanted sunlight, preserve hard-earned privacy along with many other great things, but they are an object that you might have to look at for many years so you should feel obliged to become a part of the creative process and make your own custom roller blinds.


Online prices for the direct creation of art roller blinds are way better than those offered by interior decorators. Besides, you know your taste and home better than anyone else, so taking other opinions shouldn’t be on your list. Have custom made roller blinds very quickly after submitting your design and desires. Everything you need to know is in and you can find it here, online, with a few button clicks. Having a Jaguar (if you’re a car enthusiast) or Jack Daniels themed custom roller blinds isn’t a dream, it can be a reality and make you a better and happier person. All things considered, you must understand, that as the homeowner you make all of the decisions and your word is final, so how about you understand that changing things isn’t so hard it just requires a little time and bravery. So don’t wait and get those custom made home or office roller blinds today!


With having custom roller blinds, colour is arguably the most important feature distinguishing these designs of window coverings from other treatments is the colour. The most noticeable feature is the colour scheme and how the object looks so naturally, the choice of printed window treatments colour is an essential one.

How to pick the right colour? Well this is up to you since colour preferences are truly an individual matter where no one can impose their choice on top of the free will of an individual. Whether you like green, red, yellow, blue coloured designs or prefer patterned ones, all of your ideas can become a reality right here. The pictures displayed on our website are HD renditions or visual representations of the real product so what you see is what you get and printed window coverings look just as good when they arrive as they did on your computer screen. Colours are frisk and sharp, edges smooth, not chopped and overall, the look is premium segment and seeks to impress all the people glancing at it or being around for extensive periods of time.


Have small windows? Adjust the custom blinds to fit on top of the mini glass. Large patio doors or glass objects need covering? Manipulate the sliders and measurements to fit the decoration. It is really easy to fully customize a set of roller blinds on Decoshaker. Printed goods are made with accordance to the measurements you approve on our website and you can freely scale and adjust the measurements to get a high-quality product for your room.

Size is truly a fully customizable feature this time. Have questions about the choice of size for your window décor? Want to create a special design and want a consultation from professionals in this sphere? Contact us and we will gladly answer all related questions!


Do not forget: You can always upload your own picture and create blinds design yourself. DIY blinds are what makes windows look unique most! Make your own blinds by uploading the picture here: DIY roller blinds and send it to us. 


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