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Vertical blinds
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Living room vertical blinds

Infinite love robotic Infinite love robotic

Infinite love robotic
129.99 EUR/ m2

Old Root Old Root

Old Root
129.99 EUR/ m2

Red House Red House

Red House
129.99 EUR/ m2

Red Sand Beach Red Sand Beach

Red Sand Beach
129.99 EUR/ m2

White Flowers White Flowers

White Flowers
129.99 EUR/ m2

New day dilemma New day dilemma

New day dilemma
129.99 EUR/ m2

Snowy Village Snowy Village

Snowy Village
129.99 EUR/ m2

Starfall Starfall

129.99 EUR/ m2

Fabulous Fabulous

129.99 EUR/ m2

Geometric Spiral Geometric Spiral

Geometric Spiral
129.99 EUR/ m2

Ice Town Ice Town

Ice Town
129.99 EUR/ m2

Jazzmen Jazzmen

129.99 EUR/ m2

Forest Forest

129.99 EUR/ m2

Leap Of Faith Leap Of Faith

Leap Of Faith
129.99 EUR/ m2

Pastel houses Pastel houses

Pastel houses
129.99 EUR/ m2

Purple Sunset Purple Sunset

Purple Sunset
129.99 EUR/ m2

Ancient Wall Ancient Wall

Ancient Wall
129.99 EUR/ m2

Frozen Leaves Frozen Leaves

Frozen Leaves
129.99 EUR/ m2

High Building High Building

High Building
129.99 EUR/ m2

Old House Old House

Old House
129.99 EUR/ m2

Sea Without Water Sea Without Water

Sea Without Water
129.99 EUR/ m2

Winding Road Winding Road

Winding Road
129.99 EUR/ m2

Fireworks Fireworks

129.99 EUR/ m2

Lonely Lighthouse Lonely Lighthouse

Lonely Lighthouse
129.99 EUR/ m2

Old English Courtyard Old English Courtyard

Old English Courtyard
129.99 EUR/ m2

Summertime Summertime

129.99 EUR/ m2

Under The Gun Under The Gun

Under The Gun
129.99 EUR/ m2

Cat in a bag Cat in a bag

Cat in a bag
129.99 EUR/ m2

Fly ballerina 864964 Fly ballerina 864964

Fly ballerina 864964
129.99 EUR/ m2

Glass Glass

129.99 EUR/ m2

Сolourful Mountain Сolourful Mountain

Сolourful Mountain
129.99 EUR/ m2

Living room vertical blinds

If you are constantly annoyed by the sunlight damaging your free time in living room or just want to preserve your privacy, we suggest living room vertical blinds created specifically for you. People spend arguably the biggest amount of their leisure time in the living room so you have to maximize the comfort available at your disposal in this room. One of the biggest disruptor – sun, when it sheds light right at your face or nosy passerby’s or neighbors who might look at your living room at any given moment. To protect yourself from nature and human nature, get the most practical window treatments – window blinds.


Vertical blinds for your living room can be found in a lot of stores, but only on Decoshaker custom, colorful or black and white vertical blinds are available for a much better price. Window blinds can be adjusted according to the required amount of dimming to allow just the right amount of light in to the room. Check out the features of the design and models online, on our website. Here, the brightest and freshest ideas are working together in order to help our customers get and feel improvements on their interior. You are just like your environs, while the saying goes and is applicable to certainly not all situations, it is a stereotype that surely has to derive from some tendencies. Psychologists and scientists have determined certain effects of colours to your mood and they are proven, so how about exploiting the benefits and denying the possibility of cons, overtaking the pros and making your daily routine in the living room boring. Find a cool and trendy design here to get rid of the boring and soulless aura.


The living room is probably the most important room in the home and the luxury of being able to increase comfort just by sitting online, adding living room vertical blinds is one of the best solutions you can make. For the living room, Decoshaker recommends printed window treatments, especially vertical blinds. Great many decorating ideas come to reality through this category and you will find all colour patterns and combinations, so finding something to match your current décor should not be that difficult.


Measure the dimensions of vertical blinds for bay windows and make your installation simpler by selecting the appropriate measurements right in our website. It is easy as all you have to do is click a few buttons and the product of according dimensions is going to be made and cut. You will avoid all negative consequences, such as buying excess material and other mishaps that happen when the homeowner is neglected from the measuring and décor selection.


Do not forget: You can always upload your own picture and create blinds design yourself. DIY blinds are what makes windows look unique most! Make your own custom made blinds by uploading the picture here: DIY vertical blinds and send it to us. 

Choose different, choose custom made living room vertical blinds from Decoshaker!

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